10 Ways To Make Car Sex More Enjoyable

10 Ways To Make Car Sex More Enjoyable

10 Ways To Make Car Sex More Enjoyable – If you’ve ever had car sex then you’ll know it can be amazing, but all the things that make it hot are sometimes ruined by the inconvenience, position and the warm up. That’s why I’ve taken some time to really show you what’s need to have great sex in a car. This guide is going to show you everything you need to know. How you should do it, what you should have in the car and even what you should wear in order to make it a lot more comfortable. – Sharing is out of this world, so if you enjoy then please remember to share. – Comment if you want someone to talk to, always here to help you out. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Make Car Sex More Enjoyable


#1. Get Lube, Loads And Loads Of Lube

If you’re having sex in a car then you’ll know the importance of lube, it’s sometimes hard to get wet when the pressure is on and as the positions are usually quite cramps it’s good to have some lube just to make things a little slippy.

I use this lube, as it tastes amazing, doesn’t stain, is easy to apply condom/sex toy safe and easy to hide. All I usually do is make the man drive and while he’s driving you can just apply the lube ready for when you stop.


#2. Pick Your Position Carefully

The back seats are never as comfortable as they look, unless you get a big cover you’ll be finding it really hard to have sex on them, I recommend putting a cover or some pillows on them if you plan to use the back seats, but if you don’t then you can just use the normal passengers front seat, my personal favorite seat to have sex in. Just put the car seat all the way back and you’ll be grand.

You can also do it on the car bonnet if it’s a nice day and there’s nobody around. The car is an easy place to have sex and if use your imagination you’ll create the sexual positions yourself.


#3. Go Somewhere Quiet, Forest, Empty Beach, Slip Road

You’ve always got to go somewhere quiet, you don’t want things to be to loud it just doesn’t work. It’s also illegal in some places and in others you get a big fine. It’s best to go to an empty part of the beach, a little slip road that’s not very visibly, maybe in the woods before a walk, there are loads of ways you can do it. For your first few times this is the important bit to plan.


#4. If You’ve Got A Garage Test The Sex In There

If you put your car in the garage then you’ll be able to test having sex in your car without people being around. It’s a great place to have sex, it’s only something you can do if you’ve got a place with a private garage, somewhere you can do it without being caught.


#5. Get A Remote Sex Toy To Build Things Up

Try getting one of these remote control sex toys, you put it your underwear or inside yourself, then turn it on, no one will know you’ve got it and you’ll be able to control the vibrations, it’s a great toy to use while driving to have sex, he can drive while you get ready with this toy. Just don’t be too distracting.


#6. Remember That Car Seats Move Back And Forward

You always want to move the car seats back to give yourself as much room as possible, move the car seats forward if you’re having sex on the back seat, just remember this, I’ve forgotten this myself on more than a few times, I’m sure a lot of people do, so remember it and give it a try.


#7. Get Seat Belts Out Of The Way

You can sometimes hide the seat belt connectors from the back seat, this makes the back seat a much easier place to have sex, that’s why you need to give it a try. It’s not as hard as you may think, you just have to pull your seats up and tuck them out the way, after the fun you can pull them back.


#8. Women Should Wear A Skirt And Men Should Forget Their Underwear

It’s key to have things easy access, so the women should wear a skirt with easy access, underwear that’s easy to get on and off and a man should leave their underwear and maybe try wearing a track suit, just anything that’s easy to get off and put on. You won’t to be able to stop the sex at any time, so this is a key tip to having great car sex.


#9. A Cover Is Always A Nice Touch

As I mentioned before a cover can be good, sometimes it’s good to help you block the view and it can be great for making the car more suitable for sex. You can also get the sunblock for your back windows, these make it harder to see inside the car.


#10. Go For A Picnic In The Car

If you’re looking for a good excuses to get your partner to have car sex there’s no better one than going for a picnic, it’s usually out-of-the-way of people and the car will be right there just waiting for you to have some fun.

10 Ways To Make Car Sex More Enjoyable

10 Ways To Make Car Sex More Enjoyable

10 Ways To Make Car Sex More Enjoyable – Are you ready to have orgasmic car sex? It’s a lot of fun, remember to be safe and understand that it’s illegal in certain places so be sure to be careful and as always it’s better to be safe than sorry. – Sharing is caring, so please be amazing and share. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add or even if you just want someone to talk too. – Mr Malee Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Make Car Sex More Enjoyable

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