10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Want More Sex

10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Want More Sex

10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Want More Sex – A lot of men want to higher the sex drive of their partners and it´s getting easier and easier to find out how with the internet being right there. I made this article just to show all you men how easy it is to get more sex out of a relationship. Using this advice you´ll be able to turn your sex life upside down and you´ll really start having more regular sex that will make your life more interesting and help you try new things. – If you want any more advice of if you´ve got any questions after reading this then please use the comments below. – Sharing helps us, so please share online and spread the word, Help other men get more sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Want More Sex


Eat more healthy food

Okay the key to getting more sex is to get healthier, believe it or not but healthy people have a lot more sex than unhealthy people. You need to just change your diet and start eating more fruit and vegetables, this kind of food will help heighten your sex drive and will make your partner and you want a lot more sex.
Eating the right food will also help you last longer and make your penis more erect. Things like bananas, honey and different types of nuts, will help you maintain a healthy erection.
So start eating more healthy and eat a lot more natural products, within a week or two the sex will be a lot better.


Have days for sex

This isn´t a good idea for couples who´ve just started having sex but it is a good idea for people who´re in a long relationship.
Sometimes things like kids, work, stress and bills get in the way of good sex, so if you have a night or two every week where you have sex and put some time into each other then it will really make your sex a lot better. This is something that I always recommend for couples as it really will help you get better in bed and have more sex.
This isn’t a permanent fix but it´s always a good thing to try while times are stressful and sex isn’t happening.

Spend time apart

A lot of couples see each other every night, this can sometimes make their sexual patterns full-out of place. Now because most couples don’t have sex every night it can sometimes leave the man not knowing when he´s going to get sex.
That´s why it´s sometimes a good idea to spend a week away from each other here and there, just so you can miss her and she can miss you. If you never do this, then you´ll never learn to miss each other and you´ll never have great sex.
So make sure you spend time apart and then when you get time together make it all about you and not about anyone else. It´s always the best way to go when having sex.


Ask her, her fantasies

All women have fantasies and it´s your job to unlock them, some girls want to try BDSM and some would like to try a sex toy, whatever they want to try it´s really up to you to make it happen.
Just have a convocation about fantasies and see what comes up, sometimes they´re have fantasies about another man or a threesome.. Ect and these fantasies sometimes need to stay fantasies, but if she fancies a got night in a hotel room where you pretend that you don´t know each other than that´s what you need and that´s what you should try.

Make her orgasm more

Learn some new moves! If you learn some new sex tips and try something new it will give you more chance of making her want more sex. The more fun the girl has in bed, the more fun you´ll have.
So make her the first priority all the time and really put in a lot of effort into making her orgasm. If you do this then you´ll start having a lot more sex and things will get a lot hotter.


Set challenges

You can see how many times you can have sex in one week or how many times you can orgasm in a month. Games like this are really fun, especially if you set little targets to beat and each month you have to beat them.

Tell her you want more sex

A very good way to get more sex is to go and ask for it. If you don´t ask, you don’t get, so make sure you ask her and tell her how you feel.
Women will usually want you to feel happy and will let you have sex more often, if they don´t then it´s going to be hard to ever really get more sex. They´ll usually have a reason why they don´t want to, so just ask her and try to fix the problem.


Go to the gym together

Women love to see their man working out and it´s really good for the sex drive to do a little training, so if you mix them both together then you´ll have a great mix.


Make an effort

Really make an effort, run her a bath, speak to her, ask her about her day and just put some time into her, usually women just want to feel loved and wanted. So if you make this possible then the rest will fall into place.


Cook her dinner

A nice way to get more sex is to do things like cook her dinner more often and make it romantic, maybe a candle or two, you can always do her, her favourite meal and make the night special, this will always work and usually help her feel special.
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10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Want More Sex – See, it´s not that hard to make your partner want to have more sex, you´ve just got to ask and start acting, making the sex more fun for her will really help you get more sex, so make sure you remember that and start putting it all to action. – If you enjoyed this information and find it useful then make sure you bookmark this site, it will help you come back to this information. – Comment if you need any more advice or help. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Want More Sex

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