10 Ways To Make Your Man Try Sex Toys In Bed

10 Ways To Make Your Man Try Sex Toys In Bed – A lot of men are scared of using sex toys, they think it will replace them and that it will make their partner really hard to get off. The honest truth is that with sex toys you’ll have a much easier time getting your girl to orgasm and it will make your sex a lot more wet and fun. Another amazing fact is that there’s no sex toy that’s quite like a penis so you really don’t have to worry about it replacing you. – So to get your partner to be amazing in bed we’re going to show all you girls how to make him try sex toys, like bullet vibrators, vibrating cock rings, penis extenders and more. – If you enjoy then please remember to hit the share buttons it makes us smile. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to ask/add. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Make Your Man Try Sex Toys In Bed

Get one and surprise him

I’m a guy and if I was going to be talked into sex toys I’d probably just want to be surprised. I mean if I really didn’t like them and then all of a sudden there was one there ready to be used and you were talking about how amazing it will feel for you and how much more sex I’d get then I wouldn’t think twice.

I think a lot of men are the same and that’s why it wouldn’t do you any harm getting a little bullet vibrator or a small vibrating cock ring with a bullet inside.

That way it’s not replacing his job but it’s adding to his skill and what he can do. You’ve also got to make sure he knows how to use it and doesn’t go in for a lot of pressure and ruin your orgasm.

Tell him that it won’t replace him in bed

Men often build a complex that using a sex toy is like cheating and it will make it a lot harder for him to please you and may even replace him in the bedroom.

Okay first things, yes a man can be replaced with a sex toy but that will not be stopped. If you’re not the one using it on her then she’ll most likely start using it on herself.

Second, sex toy’s are nothing like real sex, for one you’ve got to use your own hand and two it’s not the same as having a real penis and a real body.

Ask the girls who only use sex toys and haven’t had a man, see if they’re happy with their sex toys.

Show him the fun that can be had with a sex toy

Sex toys are so much fun if you use them right and in all honesty it’s not hard to use them right. If you get a nice bullet and he gets a male masturbator then you can try something really hot and you’ll also change the way you both get each other off.

It will mean boring hand jobs aren’t so boring any more. Really get that point across and make sure he understands fully.

Get a sex toy for him

You could always buy him a sex toy and show him how  amazing a male masturbator is and then after you’ve used it on him a few times surprise him with a toy that’s for you.

If he complains then just say you trust him with a sex toy so he should trust you. That way you’ll win no matter what happens next.

Only use them together

A lot of men just don’t want to miss out on any sex that they could have so if you only use them together and maybe have a secret sex toy bx that you’re not allowed to use without the other partner then that will hopefully make him happy.

This is one of the best ways to get him trying sex toys and if you live up to not looking in the box for the first month or two then after that he will forget about checking and you can use it whenever.

Give him an amazing blow job (bribe him)

Say if he uses sex toys on you then you’ll give him an amazing blow job or try a position that her really likes, a man is always going to give in to sex and it usually happens long before the women does.

That’s why using this method will usually work the best.

Use a fantasy to make it seem better than it is

He might have a fantasy that sex toys will answer the question to and if you ask him then you might be able to start it out with sex toys and dress up.

This is a good and clean way to start trying sex toys and it really can be exciting in more ways than one so you should give this a go even if he allows sex toys.

Start with vibrating underwear and jiggle balls

You can always start with vibrating underwear and jiggle balls because they’re very beginner and will make sex extremely hot. Using toys like this will open up new doors that you’ll not be able to forget. The jiggle balls will also tighten you up and make his penis feel bigger and the vibrating underwear will make your sex a lot more wet and playful.

Just put them on about 10 minutes before you have sex, maybe even when you have dinner and just sit with them on watching TV.

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10 Ways To Make Your Man Try Sex Toys In Bed – So what do you think? Will you be using sex toys tonight? Well I hope you will be and you’ll be seeing how intense it can be. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Make Your Man Try Sex Toys In Bed

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