10 Ways To Put A Stop To Bad Sex

10 Ways To Put A Stop To Bad Sex

10 Ways To Put A Stop To Bad Sex – Booo, no one wants bad sex. Bad sex can sometimes take over your life and become something that you can’t escape and that’s why it’s time to put an end to awkward, no thrills sex that you forget the next day. It’s time to put the orgasmic sex you’ve once had back into your life. It’s not going to be hard all I can say is you will need to want it and it won’t be instant you’ve got to do a few tasks for the next few weeks just to start getting used to it. So, let’s get this started, time to make your sex good again. – Sharing is caring, so please be as caring as possible. – If you want to be amazing then please remember comment and ask anything you may wonder. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Put A Stop To Bad Sex

#1. Start Having It More

The more sex you have the easier it is to stop it going wrong. Let’s face it, the first few times you have sex with anyone it’s usually a little awkward. You have no idea what they enjoy and you don’t know what you should be trying. But the more you have sex the more amazing it gets, now if you have sex with a few new people then after a while you adjust and become better at having sex with new people and people you’re in a relationship with. So start having more sex and before you know it you’ll have a much more exciting sex life.


#2. You Can Never Practice To Much

You’ll never be amazing in bed unless you keep changing your style, people often get bad in the bedroom because they don’t change their game, this makes it hard for the sex to change and if sex is always the same then how is anyone ever going to enjoy it? The truth is they won’t that’s why you need to start having more sex and not being scared to try new things. After a while the sex will become more predictable and you’ll be able to avoid awkward sex without any problems. It’s also a great way to get your sexual confidence up.


#3. Train Yourself To Last Longer

For men it’s important oto last long in the bedroom. So if you want to stop sex becoming awkward then it’s a great plan to put a little time into lasting longer in bed. We’ve done loads of articles on lasting longer in bed, but for some quick advice I recommend picking up some delay spray, it’s a great way to get the job done.


#4. Don’t Rush, Rushing Is Never A Good Idea

Rushing is the main cause of bad sex, if you decide to rush sex then you’ll just have a very awkward no thrills sex life. It’s common that new couples rush and that’s when you hit problems, like not know what the other person wants in bed, also rushing the actual experience can cause some very awkward moments.

So take your time, make things work and do things because you enjoy them and not because you think it’s right too or time too.


#5. Great Sex Is Better Than Ten Quickies

If you’re friendly with this person then it’s best to wait for great sex instead of quickies, because if you’ve had sex 100 times you only remember the 5 to 10 good times, so if you want to stick in their mind then it’s best to only have sex when you’ve got high energy and are ready for it.


#6. The Power Of Music And Low Light (Trust Me)

There’s definitely a lot of power to lighting some candles and putting on some sexual songs, trust me when I sa this, it’s really out of this world. Low lights take away the awkwardness of seeing too much or not being confident with your body and the music helps bloke out awkward silence, weird sounds and even farts, belly noises and the sounds of oral sex and fingering. It also creates the mood.


#7. Make Sure You’re Clean, Looking Good And Ready To Go

Another way to avoid problems is to have new underwear that you feel great in and with some clean teeth and make sure your nails are clean and not got sharp bits on them. Once that’s done you’ll be grand.


#8. Understand That Sex Isn’t Always Smooth

Look sex isn’t always going to be smooth ad intense, sometimes it’s amazing other times it sucks, but even bad sex is better than no sex at all, so just pick yourself up and get ready to have better sex the next time.


#9. Don’t Take Tips From Porn Or Movies

The worse thing that people do is base their sex life off a move another thing is also taking tips from porn. It’s just silly and it’ll make you have really bad sex, so if you take advice from porn then be ready to fail in the bedroom. Take tips from people who’ve done that many times. You need to pay more attention to your partner and what might feel good, not going 100 miles per hour and skipping foreplay.


#10. Make Sure Your Partner Is Ready For You

Whether you’re a man or women you need to make sure you partner is ready for sex, if you don’t then there’s a good chance the sex might be a little awkward, so just playground with each other and take the time that’s needed in order to have fun and make the sex memorable.

10 Ways To Put A Stop To Bad Sex

10 Ways To Put A Stop To Bad Sex

10 Ways To Put A Stop To Bad Sex – If you want to have more sex that really is great then just follow the rules above. It’s really as easy as that, there’s nothing more to it. Just remember to change things around every now and then and always keep things moving. – If you found this helpful then please hit the share buttons. – Comment if you want any more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Put A Stop To Bad Sex

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