10 Ways To See If He Only Cares About Sex

10 Ways To See If He Only Cares About Sex

10 Ways To See If He Only Cares About Sex – There’s nothing worse than having feelings for someone who only seems to care about having sex, I’m going to show you the ten ways to see if he only cares about sex, I’m also going to let you in on a few tips that will make you gain control and hopefully get him focusing on you more and sex less. This is going to help you change the relationship you’\re in right now. – If this helps you then please share to help other people in your situation. – Comment if you need any advice from me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To See If He Only Cares About Sex

Does he leave after you have sex?

Look ladies if your man ever leaves straight after sex then there’s something not quite right about that. I’m a man and if I have sex then unless I’ve got loads of stuff to do I’ll just usually sleep or chill out. If he comes round has sex and then leaves then the chances are he really only cares about having sex.

This is not the kind of guy that’s worth the time of day. I think there’s better men out there so I recommend looking for someone else.


Do you text lots?

Sounds like a silly question, but it’s standard. If you date someone especially at the beginning you’ll usually text loads of lovely stuff. If he’s only texting you when he wants and never talks about anything but sex then the truth is that’s all he cares about.

Obviously men will talk about sex, but they talk about it here and there. If it’s all he ever talks about and wants then that’s what he’s after and if you’re letting him get it from you then he’s going to keep taking it.


Do you ever meet and not have sex

On average do you ever meet and not have sex? If you only meet to have sex then it’s not rocket science that they might only be with you because of sex.

If you meet and don’t have sex and they seem okay with that then they’re just a normal guy, most guys will try their luck especially in a new relationship.


Does he get annoyed when you don´t give him sex

One of the biggest signals that he’s only interested in sex is if he gets annoyed when you don’t give it to him, if this happens then he’s no good. Some men will get a little upset if you’ve not had sex for weeks, but if you just say no once or twice usually they’ll just brush it off and forget about it.


Will he choose you over his friends

Look, I know women think men go with bro’s before hoe’s, but you ladies know this is rubbish, if a guy cares about a girl then she’ll literally get all the control over him.

If he always chooses going out with his mates and playing fifa over seeing you then he’s not worth the time of day, get rid of him.


Does he come round just for sex

Does he ever just come round and if you don’t want sex he leaves? Or does he come round get sex instantly and then just leave 20 minutes later? That’s a red flag that he’s only using you for sex.


Does he pay attention to you

Men know that they’ve got to be their emotionally for women and we know that if we’re not then it’s never a good time and the relationship won’t work. If he’s not there when you need him then he’s really not worth the time of day.

Look at the texts and see if he really cares, if it’s just blank conversation then that’s a red flag, just look and see if you see any real sign that he really likes.


How long could you go without sex

This is a question that I’ve got to ask you, how long do you think you could last without sex? If it’s less than a month then something not right. Men won’t ever want to wait a month to have sex but if there’s a legitimate reason then they need to understand it.

So don’t have sex for the next week and see what happens, if he becomes hard to contact and only messages you to see if you want sex then there’s something wrong with him and he’s only interested with sex.


Do you trust him

Do you honestly trust him? Do people around you trust him? Ask these two questions to yourself right now. Be honest and you’ll get your answer. If you don’t trust him then there’s a reason and if there’s a reason why you don’t trust him then that means you’ve already made your mind up about him.


How does he act around other girls

If he’s extremely flirty and you can tell that he wants them then that’s another red flag. Guys who’re only after sex don’t usually think twice about having sex with multiple women while in a relationship. Keep an eye on him, maybe check his Facebook for quick proof. This is one of the only ways to put your mind at ease within a few minutes. You do need to be careful and have a reason why you were looking at his phone for if you get caught.


10 Ways To See If He Only Cares About Sex

10 Ways To See If He Only Cares About Sex


10 Ways To See If He Only Cares About Sex – What do you think? Are you ready to take the control back? You just need to let yourself realize the problem, don’t pretend that he’s not interested in only the sex, you need to accept it and then try to fix it. – If you enjoyed this article then be sure to share it and check out some of our other stuff. – Comment below for more information or to add something new to the article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To See If He Only Cares About Sex

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