10 ways to spice up your gay relationship

10 ways to spice up your gay relationship

10 ways to spice up your gay relationship

Want to spice things up a little and add  a little something to sex? Well we can help. I know that a good relationship isn’t all down to sex, but if you get the sex down then the rest a lot easier to handle, it will make you life a lot easier and will make your sex even better. These are just my tips ad advice and I hope that you’ll enjoy them, if you do then remember to comment below, it will help you if you follow some of these little tips. If you’ve got anything to add then please use the comments below. We really love when people do and it makes us really happy. – Sharing is caring so please share as much as possible. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

10 ways to spice up your gay relationship


When do relationships start forgetting ng about how important a romantic meal is? Most people will usually start forgetting when one of you becomes the main cook.

This is sad and it can takes some spark out of what was a lovely gesture in the beginning.

You need to make sure that once every month you have a cooked meal, you can either go out for it or one of you make it.

I’ve said this a lot and it’s true, it really does help people talk and get to know each other even more when you feel like you know it all.

If you don’t want to go out and can’t cook, you can always get a take away and see how that goes.

Just remember lots of candles, maybe some flowers, a nice movie for after, and some wine or whatever drinks you enjoy.

More Nights Doing What You Love

Every couple has something that they love to do with the other half, it could be watching TV, or having a bath together, even just eating at the same time.

Whatever it is you need to find it and start doing it more, not every day but at least a few times a month, just enjoy each other and make the most of your time together.

Changing the relationship a little

Change isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to relationships, a nice bit of change can sometimes spark the miss factor, the sex factor, or the love factor. All of them are good and worth trying.

Even things like changing what you eat and maybe when you see each other, that can all be really good for mixing things up.

Don’t change yourself, just change the surroundings and make things new and exciting.

Sex toys

You can always get some sex toys, sex toys are great for opening your mind up and enjoying sex, I would say that most of the best sex that I’ve had has been with sex toys and trying new things, go and get yourself a prostate massager or a butt plug and start mixing things up.


Sex has always been an important thing in most relationships, whether you like it a certain way and don’t want to change or even if it isn’t a big part in your relationship.

You always need to live it out and try harder, now I find that there’s always one man in a gay couple that doesn’t orgasm anywhere near as much as the other?

This always confused me as you can have pretty orgasmic sex and it doesn’t feel like anything is happening for them.

The I come across this fantasy/fetish, that was all about living in the moment.

It’s all about not having sex for the orgsm, but having sex for that moment, you basically try to make every thrust, movement, and pleasure as exciting as possible.

So really you’re trying to have slow but intense sex. It’s hard to explain but just live in the moment and feel the orgasmic pleasure that will come your way.


Doing an activity together is a great way to open a new side to you both, is there anything exciting you both like doing? Mountain biking, hiking, dancing, anything that involves a little bit of excitement? Well if you think of anything then give it ago.

Be Spontaneous Once A Month.

It’s a really good idea to be spontaneous once a month and do something they won’t forget, this is a must in 10 ways to spice up your gay relationship.

All you’ve got to do is take them out for dinner, go away for the night, if moneys short then you can take them to the movies and just watch a new film.

Don’t Try To Re-act The Past, Just Work On The Future

So many couples try to go back to the start of their relationship and get them feelings back, what you really should be doing is working on future feelings and working hard to make a change instead of going back to what got you where you are now.

Just try to make new exciting feelings and not relive the old ones.

Spending Less Time Together

This doesn’t have to always be the case and it’s quite hard to achieve, but spending less time together really will help you miss each other. This is really true and that’s why it’s in 10 ways to spice up your gay relationship.

Just have a day off once a week and do what makes you happy.

 Unlocking You Naughty Side

Looking at your fantasies and turn on’s is always a good way to spice things up, just think about what makes you horny and share it with your partner, hopefully they will be just as turned on as you.

10 ways to spice up your gay relationship – Spicing up your relationship isn’t that hard if you take the time to think about the little things. Just remember when you both started dating and what made you happy and turned you on, if you get that down then soon the rest will follow. – Remember to hit the share buttons, they really help us out and make me very happy. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

10 ways to spice up your gay relationship

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