10 Ways To Tell A Real Orgasm From A Fake One

10 Ways To Tell A Real Orgasm From A Fake One

10 Ways To Tell A Real Orgasm From A Fake One – This is a secret and it´s just the truth, women fake a lot of orgasms and as much as you might think that you’re god in bed I hate to break it to you that you’re not. Don’t let the hurt your feelings though because girls aren’t like men and they very rarely have an orgasm every time you have sex. The second truth is that women don´t really have orgasm from sex, there´s a few that do but about 70% of women find it impossible to climax from penetration, so don´t get beat up over it. – So let´s get started. – If you enjoy this article then make sure you share it, it makes me happy and it makes writing worth while. – Comment if you´ve got anything to add or if you just want a chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Tell A Real Orgasm From A Fake One

1.If she can walk and talk straight after she´s ´cum´ then, sorry it isn’t real.

It´s true, if she´s getting up and walking around then you´ve really not done a good job, girls usually don´t even attempted to walk for at least 5 minutes after an orgasm and if they do then they´ll be walking with a big smile on their face.


2. Some girls do scream and wail but, if it’s just like porn and just to be good to be true it probably is.

Girls don´t go from zero to screaming and if she´s al of a sudden screaming like a porno then I hate to break it to you but she´s faking it, the best thing you can do is learn some extra tips and try again later on.
But, sometimes girls are loud, It can just usually take them a while to get them exactly where you want them.


3. This tip might not appeal to all girls but, if its easy then it´s probably too good to be true. ´

If it takes a matter of minutes then it most likely didn’t really happen, some women are really in touch with their bodies and can orgasm quickly, but even the most in touch women still need stimulation for around 10 minutes before orgasm, so if after 5 minutes she´s orgasmed then you can usually say that she faked it.
Remember that sometimes women fake an orgasm when you´re doing something wrong, change what yoú´re doing if it keeps happening. – 10 Ways To Tell A Real Orgasm From A Fake One.


4. Girl orgasms should last a lot longer than a guys so if it´s over in a matter of seconds then, you know it’s not real.

When a man cums it´s usually a quick rush and then it´s over, when a women cums it usually lasts around 10 seconds and can sometimes last even longer.

If she orgasms and it´s over in seconds and she´s ready for more stimulation or something else then it was fake.


5.A girl squirting doesn´t actually mean she has come. So, don’t sit waiting for it.

Some men believe that if a girl squirts then she´s cum and the truth is that very rarely a woman will actually squirt, it just doesn´t happen, it can happen with older lovers and women who´ve got that power but unless they´re sexual gods it doesn´t really happen.
So if you´re waiting for water to come rushing out then you´re going to be waiting a while.


6. If she´s not relaxed and in cloud 9 for at least a few minutes then it wasn´t real.

Most girls can´t even talk once they´ve had an orgasm, if she can talk and is chatting straight after like normal then it didn´t happen.
Look to see if she´s in another world for a few minutes if she did then you´ve done the job and she has achieved orgasm.


7.She should be shaking, arching or even at the very least moaning.

Women usually shake or moan when they cum, all women are different but they´ll usually do something with their body that cannot be faked.


8. If its fake she will probably feel guilty and not want to admit that it was fake.

Is she faked it then she’ll feel guilty and probably not want to look you in the eyes for a while just incase you noticed her acting ability.
Women are good fakers but even the best sometimes make mistakes so be ready for her to feel guilty and act it. – 10 Ways To Tell A Real Orgasm From A Fake One.


9. If she overly enjoys your stimulation then it probably isn’t real. However, it might be so be careful! 

If she goes nuts at the slightest touch and you feel like you´re doing something to well then it´s fake. Women can sometimes get a lot of stimulation out of nothing so be careful and use common sense, just see if she likes it to much, you can usually tell by the way she acts when you´re having foreplay.


10. If you make her orgasm she will become overly sensitive and you shouldn’t be able to touch her.

This is the case for most women, after they cum they don´t want anyone touching their clit for a while, they´ll let you have sex but the clit is usually off limits for a few minutes maybe longer, if she lets you sneak your way back there or even lets you stay there then it means that it´s most likely fake and she didn’t mean it.


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10 Ways To Tell A Real Orgasm From A Fake One – Women do like to fake it and you´ll really find it easy now to find out if she is faking it or putting it on a little bit. Sometimes women just like being loud, very rarely girls will be quiet the first few times you have sex so don´t let that put you off. – Comment below if you want more and make sure you hit the share buttons and share like an out break monkey. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways To Tell A Real Orgasm From A Fake One

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