10 ways to tell if she’s faking her orgasm

10 ways to tell if she's faking her orgasm

10 ways to tell if she’s faking her orgasm

It’s a fact that some women fake orgams and does it in a way that men end up feeling really good about themselves. It’s not good as men end up thinking they are good in bed, they never really get any better and it really just ends up making sex suck. If you want to be good at sex you need to know the signs so you can change things up when you see the fake alerts showing. It’s not hard to see and you’ve just go to listen and be ready for it. – Comment below if you want any advice and make sure to hit the share buttons below and share this with anyone you can. – Mr Tech Blog.

 10 ways to tell if she's faking her orgasm

Over enthusiastic 

Okay sex can feel amazing and women can make sounds that sound fake just through sheer pleasure. But if she’s acting it out a little too much and it seems a little to clean it might mean she’s faking it, orgasms aren’t clean and usually involve hot, sweaty sex, if she’s dry and just screaming in a way that doesn’t seem real then it can literally just mean she’s faking it. You’ll usually see by your gut if she’s faking and if she is then change your game up and look at some sex tips to rock her world. – 10 ways to tell if she’s faking her orgasm.

Not wet

If she starts climaxing and she’s not wet at all this will usually mean she’s faking it, if she’s not that wet and just orgasmed then it’s just because you wasn’t doing it right or she’s go bored and has other things on her mind. If this happens then don’t worry it can happen to the best, you should just work on yourself. If she’ s not wet then just to foreplay a little longer and try touching her in a certain way that will be sexy and turn her on.

No Eye Contact

If she won’t give you any eye contact the chances are that she’s a little embarrassed and the fact that she lied to you is catching up with her. Girls can’t usually loo men in the eye after faking it. You can usually see if she’s turning her face out off pleasure or out of guilt, so read each situation differently and you’ll be okay, just follow your gut as I’ve said, it will usually point you in the right direction and you can’t go far wrong by following it and maybe just asking her.

How good can it feel

If she goes for nothing to literally screaming the house down then she’s likely exaggerating, that’s not very likely and is usually a little bit of rubbish. Look out for it and make sure you’re not fouled by it. Some girls will do it in a way that you’ll never be able to find out, it’s bad because you’ll never learn if they don’t tell you, you’re doing something wrong. – This is the 10 ways to tell if she’s faking her orgasm hope you’re enjoying.

She get’s up like normal afterwards

If you’ve just had a proper orgasm there’s no getting up straight after it usually it takes a second and will involve a lot of cuddling and maybe a little nap, if she’s just walking around like nothing happened that’s usually because it didn’t and you didn’t have much effect on her.

She doesn’t say anything after

If she goes quiet and doesn’t want to talk and is avoiding you a little, that usually means that she’s a little embarrassed about what she’s just done and she’s hoping you aren’t going to ask her if she just faked it. Most men put this down to the fact that they’ve done such a good job she can’t speak, that can be the case but usually it’s just out of awkwardness (If you give her a real orgasm you’ll know what the type of quiet is.)

Mention faking orgasm and see how she reacts

If she gets really defensive and starts going a little weird then she most likely did fake it, girls do it just to save your feelings and because they don’t want it going on for hours, I think most men would do the same. Don’t be annoyed but just find out then try to fix the problem. – Hopefully you’re learning something from the 10 ways to tell if she’s faking her orgasm.

Is she really sensitive after

Okay the clitoris will get really sensitive after an orgasm, very rarely women will let you go straight for round two without stopping, maybe just give it a feel while she’s cumming and see if it’s really happening, you should be able to tell if she’s sensitive or just trying to keep you away from there.

How quick did she jump out the sack after

If she jumps out of bed really quickly and starts doing something that might be an indication of her faking, she might of just wanted to speed it up and she thought the quickest way to get it over with is to just fake and get it done. So if she jumps out of bed and goes to do something, or runs down and it’s just in time for a show she loves, usually that will be the reason.


The face she pulls, it’s hard to fake a cum face and it’s not easy to get it right, so if she’s not really making any kind of facial expression then you can usually say that she’s faking it, every girl is different with the way their face is but usually women will pull some kind of face so always look out for it.


10 ways to tell if she’s faking her orgasm – See it’s not hard to tell right? It doesn’t take too much to see if she’s faking and once you find out the real challenge is with changing up your game enough to make her scream, so keep an eye out and never ask her if she’s faking as if she is it will ruin sex and if she isn’t it will ruin sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 ways to tell if she’s faking her orgasm

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