10 Ways Women Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid

10 Ways Women Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid

10 Ways Women Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid – It’s no secret that women enjoy sex as much as men and that’s why I decided to make an article that would help you ladies get laid on a more regular basis. This is for anyone, it doesn’t matter if you want sex with 10, 20, 30 + men other the next year, even at the same time ;), or if you want to just get out of this dry spell and start becoming more sexually active. If that’s you then it’s time to get you up and having sex more often. I’m going to teach you 10 ways you really can increase your sex and make things so much more exciting. You just can’t regret this once you give it a try. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share. – Comments are amazing so please comment if you need any help at all. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways Women Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid


#1. Get On Social Media

Social media is the dating site for this generation. Nearly all relationships take to Facebook to bloom into something more. Whether you meet your date and get to know them over Facebook or whether you use Facebook to take your love to the next level after a date, Facebook is the place to be.

Using the social media site to hook up with men is one of the greatest features Twitter and Facebook share. You do have to take some things into account though. One: You should only date people who someone you know, knows. It’s not safe to date randomers on Facebook, you don’t know who they are and what they’re capable of, so only speak if you or someone you know, knows them.

Two: You never want to spend to long on social media. As someone who’s a little bit anti social I can completely understand why you’d want to keep things on Facebook till you know them, but in honest it’s just not possible. You need to get meeting in real life, because IM (Instant Message) makes a lot of problems, with context in words and it takes the fun out of talking in real life.


#2. Have Respect To Get Respect

It’s true, if you’ve got respect you get it. I’m not here to tell you what all men want, but as a man I can tell you that sometimes men like someone who’s easy, but more often we like a little challenge and a little fun. So, if you’re respectful to yourself and the people around you, men will notice that and think it’s quite.

This ups the chance of you meeting a date, over a one night stand. But if you’re reading this, you may just want a one night stand.

#3. Make Yourself Feel Sexy

Your attraction is all in your mind. MEn and women often get mixed up with thinking their looks actually matter. You could see someone who’s amazingly hot and she never has a partner, because she’s seen in the wrong light. This occurs when the person how no self-worth. You need to start dressing to suit yourself. Buy stuff that makes you feel sex, because when you feel sexy you’ll let of signals to the men around that show them exactly what you’re about.


#4. Start Getting Yourself Online

Now social media isn’t the only way to get laid using the internet, no. You can use online dating. As someone who uses online dating at a big rate I can tell you that people really do want sex. Out of around 30 + online dates I’ve had around 20 ish one night stands. That shows one what kind of person I am :S and two that online dating is the easiest way to hook up.

Using less serious dating sites like Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, etc.

If you’re really looking for a man then match.com will be for you.


#5. Go On Holiday (This Works Really Well)

If you really just want to get laid then get yourself on a plane and go to one of the party places of this world. Jokes aside, this is the easiest way to get laid and anyone can do it. If you’re looking to have sex with someone out of your league then going on holiday is the way to do it.

Men also use this to get laid, it’s just the holiday feeling that makes everyone so easy to pull.


#6. Go Out More, Parties, Coffee, With Friends

You need to go out more, go partying, go and meet friends, if you get invited anywhere go and if you don’t then invite people out. You need to go out as much as possible, you’ll meet more people, get more friends and get laid more often.


#7. You’ll Get Laid More In Relationships

If you’re really looking to have sex then being in a relationship is the quickest/easiest way to get laid. You’ll just have a much easier time. People in relationships have far more sex than people who have one night stands. So if you’re looking to get laid more than once per week a relationship is where you do that.


#8. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

It doesn’t hurt to ask the more naughty questions. Sometimes you’ll put a man off if you’re to in their face, but asking questions and being honest about sex isn’t always the worse thing.


#9. Put Yourself Out There

You can’t expect the man to do all the work. By putting yourself out there you’ll up the chances of men understanding you and wanting you.


#10. Go To The Right Places

There are loads of certain bars, clubs and events that’ll up your chances of having sex, going to these events is going to be the way you maximize the chances of hooking up with people. So pick the bars and clubs that have a more one night stand atmosphere.

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10 Ways Women Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid – It really is time to get laid. You can let your hair down and just enjoy the sex that you’re about to get. It’s really hard to not get laid once you follow these simple rules and with these tips there you just can’t get things to wrong. – Sharing is caring, so if you’re amazing please share. – Comment below for more advice on having great sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

10 Ways Women Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Laid

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