10 Ways You Could Lose Her Trust

10 Ways You Could Lose Her Trust

10 Ways You Could Lose Her Trust – Gaining and losing trust are too easy things that can be done. If you gain someone’s trust and then break it you’re never going to be able to fix it quite like before. It’s like when a best friend betrays you and you’re never the same kind of friend again, there’s always a type of awkwardness around when you meet or have nothing to say. Well to avoid you having to go through this I’m going to show you the 10 most common ways to lose her trust. Don’t do any of these if you can avoid it. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you want to add anything. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways You Could Lose Her Trust


Cheating is always a bad idea

One of the quickest ways you’ll lose someone’s trust is to cheat, it’s almost impossible to gain the trust fully back after someone cheats in a relationship. You can’t trust someone who cheats, because the chances are they’ll do it again and it will just never work for them.

If you’re ever about to cheat just remember what it would feel like if someone did it to you and remember that it takes two to tango, no matter if you don’t have a partner and you get with a women/man with a partner you’ve got to understand that it’s still your problem.


Flirting with her friends

If she’s got some mates and she sees you flirting with them in real life or on Facebook then you’re going to be in big trouble, this is something that you really want to avoid.

A lot of my mates make this mistake and end up with nothing. Women just want what they can’t have and once they get you they’ll just cut you off and cause more problems.


Dancing with another girl at a club

Ohhhh. If you do this then you better make sure that no one takes a picture or tells her, this is something a lot of men do and then go on to regret, it’s not worth it, it’s not as bad as some of the stuff on this list but it can still ruin the trust so be extra careful.


Having rumors spread about you

Even though they might not be true this is still something that will test the trust in your relationship. Sometimes people are noobs and want to break up your relationship so they might just spread rumors about you, if this happens then you need to nip it in the bud, if there’s no proof then they’ve got nothing.

If you’ve not guilty then you need to take your time and think of a plan that will really show up the person who started the rumor in the first place.


Telling her secrets to someone

This is never a good idea, if a girl ever tells you a secret then you need to protect it, if you don’t then you’ll end up losing trust almost instantly. You never want to embarrass or show up someone you love, so just keep the secrets to yourself and try not to spread them, it’s not going to be worth it in the end. Remember that people love to talk and your gossip will be perfect for them.


Showing a nude picture

This is a big no, no! You never want to show a nude picture of your partner to a friend or anyone, if you do this then you can be ready for problems. I highly recommend that you avoid doing this, try to remove pictures off your phone just for the sake of it, it’s a really bad idea to keep nudes and you can just provoke shit happening.


Telling your friends how good she is in bed

This isn’t always going to lose her trust but there’s a chance that it will create other problems like your mates trying to get her into bed, that’s really possible and it can happen.


Letting her down

If you continuously let her down then she’s eventually going to stop trusting anything you say. I’ve done this and it happens really quick and takes ages to repair, if you do something like this on more than one occasion then it’s going to be seriously bad for you.


Standing her up

If you ever ask her to meet you somewhere and then you don’t turn up then she’s probably not going to be best pleased with you. You can sometimes do this by accident and because of things that you can’t help. It’s just something that you can’t risk doing. If you stand her up more than 2 times in a short space of time then she’s going to stop believing you and after that the trust will start falling apart.


Not being there when she needs you

If she needs you then you’ve got to be there for her, if she comes to you and you just turn her away then it’s going to be hard to explain to her, if your partner is upset then it’s your job to pick them up and make them feel happy, sometimes it’s not as easy as this, but you’ve got to understand if you don’t lift them up them someone else will start lifting them up.

10 Ways You Could Lose Her Trust

10 Ways You Could Lose Her Trust

10 Ways You Could Lose Her Trust – Do your best not to lose her trust, now you know what to do to not lose her trust you should go for it and avoid it with everything you possibly can. – Sharing is caring. – If you enjoyed this then be sure check out the other articles, there are loads to choose from. – Comment below if you want any help at all. Comments are always welcomed. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

10 Ways You Could Lose Her Trust

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