20 ways to get a date with a girl

20 ways to get a date with a girl

20 ways to get a date with a girl – Getting a date can sometimes seem like something that is so far away, it can feel like it might take forever and sometimes you’re sat there thinking why hasn’t it happened to me yet. So to speed it up we’ve made a post that’s going to teach you the best ways to ask and the best ways to a date with a girl. These are my own personal ways and I hope they can work as well for you as they did for me. Remember to not rush things and if you’re younger than normal then you should probably leave as this is an 18 + site and love will come to you when you’re older. – If you enjoy then remember to share as much as possible. – Comments are below.

20 ways to get a date with a girl

Through Facebook

Come on you already know this? Facebook is one of the biggest dating sites around. Now instead of courting men just take to Facebook and try the question game, (yes really that’s a thing) and instead of asking them on a date in person you just use the keys in front of you, charily sheen would be saying “Winning”

So really if you want to get a date and want to be quick about it, just look through Facebook add some friends in common and start talking about loads of cool things, that’s easily the best way to meet someone right now and it’s probably the least embarrassing.



Yes we’re keeping it on the social networking route as it’s probably the most popular right now. There’s this one guy on twitter who say’s he’s slept with 200+ girls through twitter and he keeps adding it up, so even though I wouldn’t have said much about twitter before, after I read that it seemed pretty legit.

So if you’re to looking for a serious relationship just start posting funny tweets and try to catch some girls attentions.

Word of warning: There’s these men that pretend to be girls, just so you don’t meet someone who could be one of these “pretenders” It’s probably best you both skype before you meet.



We will end the social media patch with Tumblr, the craziest place to meet a chick. If you’re below 22 the Tumblr may just be a place to go and meet someone, people don’t really think too much about sending a private message and because it’s anonymous you’ll get to see what people really think :O

So just go on there and add some pictures of your self and see how it goes, might meet the girl of your dreams. (or guy “Pretender”)


Dating sites

The internet can be a great thing when it comes t dating and it seems that most couples these days meet on dating sites and end up having a nice life. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t take much time at all to set up a profile and get going.

All you really need to do is to go on a site like POF and make an account and start talking to people, that’s all you need, and it really is as easy as that.

You can meet people who look the best and see if you meet someone who you like, it’s not hard and you’ll probably find that this is one of the best ways on the list to meet someone you don’t know and both want the same things.

Don’t go for people who’re to similar to you as it won’t work, just go for people who you think look nice and you can ask a lot of questions too, this is the main way to have a nice date and it will always be the best way to find someone you really like.

Another word of warning: People sometimes add pictures from 10 years ago, if this happens then you’re F$#ked and I don’t mean literally. Again it’s always better to skype before you meet.



People really don’t understand how effective going outside can really be. All you need to do is start going out more, maybe running or to meet people, it’s a great way to meet friends and start looking for women.

If people see you out all the time then when they see you in a bar/club they’ll probably come and say hi or you can say hi to them, this is another great way of getting a date and meeting someone new.

So start going out more and doing more things that will attract people and conversation.



If you’re in college or uni you’re probably in the best place ever to meet someone, it’s by far the easiest and it doesn’t take long at all to meet someone and start dating, I think this is a dream for most men and if you tae time and pick a few girls the fun can start instantly.

In college it really doesn’t matter if you get turned down as it happens loads and you just have to brush it off, it’s probably the only place in life where there’s that many men and women in one place, so make the most of it and enjoy what you have.



Going for dinner or a nice drink in a restaurant is a nice way to meet someone, it’s probably not the easiest but at least you won’t have to deal with “pretenders” and women who put pictures from 10 years ago, this way you’ll keep safe and hopefully keep yourself out of trouble.

Don’t be awkward and remember that you can’t just join a table of people, they will probably get annoyed and push you off and start ignoring you, just make a convo and maybe see them after.


Night club

Wooo, night clubs! Really you can get a better place outside for meeting women, now when I say meeting women I mean you’ll probably most likely have a one night stand and not see the person again, so this isn’t the best place to get a date but it is one of the best places to go to sleep with someone.

You do need to be careful as you may end up getting an STD and that’s never healthy and can just end up ruining life, so make sure you be safe and where a condom. “Don’t go in without a skin” ;).

So add niche clubs to the list of places that you need to start going too.



Take a course in something, it’s always a sure proof way to meet people you just have to pick a course in something you have a passion for and maybe something that girls will go too.

This is a great way to kill two birds, one you meet a girl and get to know her, two you meet someone who already has something in common with you, I mean come on how perfect? So get online and look for a course that you want to do, make sure it’s something good and make sure you like it.

It will be very tiring to do something you hate and that you don’t enjoy, so just use the saying “Y.O.L.O” and jump in at the deep end.



Do you enjoy doing things like mountain biking, ice skating, dance, just about anything that’s an activity? Well if you do then it’s a great way to meet people, you can go to just about anything and you’ll probably meet one girl or two, just keep spreading out and trying new things.

Try to do as many as you can, you will meet loads of people and can use tip number one and add them all on Facebook. You will need to keep stopping and starting.



I know a few people who met their partner at a gym and have a good relationship, if you’re chatty and just have a quick talk to a girl every now and them (nothing that will stop training) then you’ll build up a relationship and it won’t be long before you’re training together.

So take your time and remember the power of training, she’ll be getting hot while you get hot 😉 How could she resist you?


Blind date

You can always look out for blind dates, loads of bars and clubs do them, just go to a singles night and see what it’s like. It’s not the easiest place to meet someone but there’s usually more girls than boys so you can always stand above the crowed and be different.

Just remember to wear nice clothes and pick up the confidence to speak to people, it’s not to hard as everyone’s in the same boat as you, just remember that and you’ll be fine.



Ask a mate, loads of friends set mates up with people, you can always ask and see if they know anyone who would be good for you, they might stitch you right up so make sure you’re careful and again maybe add the girl on Facebook before meeting her, this is just so you don’t have that awkwardness where you both don’t find each other attractive.



Have any mates that are having parties? Even family parties (I don’t mean parties with only family, that would be illegal)? Well any party that have new people who you can mingle with and see if you like, there’s always going to be someone who you can hook up with and that’s just the way it is.



We all know someone who meet on a crazy holiday? Well that’s just the way it is, if you want to meet someone or just have sex then holiday’s in the sun usually are the best way to do it.

There’s not really anything that can compare to holidays in the sun, just because they get really out of hand as people are away from real life and don’t really care what happens.



Do you have a job? Well if you do then look around there’s probably someone you can try to chat up, as long as they don’t have a boyfriend and there isn’t any rules against dating a person at work then you should be okay.



Going shopping for the day is always a nice way to meet someone, it isn’t a great way but if you’re good at conversation then it can really work for you, just keep it sweet and try to get some numbers, don’t be creepy and follow people around (weird, but does happen) just start talking to people.

The chances of getting a date are low but it’s a great way to get your confidence up and get you talking to girls better.


Day trips

Have you ever seen one of them day trips advertised where you get a coach or something and go away for a day or night? Well you’ll be on a coach with the same people all having fun, it’s a great way to meet people and have a laugh.


Girl Friends

Have you got any girl mates? Well if you do then it’s the perfect time to ask them for a favour. You can either tell them about your problem and see if they will help or you can ask them to come and be your wing girl, either way you’ll get more attraction and it will work in your favour.



Going on a cruise for a week is awesome, you’re with the same people and if you go with a mate you’ll usually meet people on there and become mates for the whole thing, this is a good way to get to know them and to maybe start a little fling.


20 ways to get a date with a girl – It’s not always so hard to get a date with a girl (say’s me, guy behind a computer) just make sure you’re nice and a gentleman, the girls who want bad boys usually are going to take a lot of maintenance, I mean who want’s that? Well I suppose the men who want a quick shag :O Yes I did just say that (in a sassy voice) you just got sassed. Anyway remember to share and comment if you need any more help.  Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

20 ways to get a date with a girl

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