30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women

30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women

30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women – This is a naughty post where I’m going to show you 30 quick ways to meet women and have sex with them, there’s no better way of explaining it and it really is as simple as that. IF you want to meet women then it’s really never been so easy and having sex with them is also a lot easier since some girls really don’t care who they get with. So these 30 tips are a mix of sex advice and dating advice. Some will seem out-of-place but just enjoy them and learn as much as you can. If you want more information then just use the comment below and I’ll help you out. – If you enjoy then please share this knowledge with your friends as it will really help me out. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women 


As I’ve mentioned in loads of tutorials on meeting women, it’s all about the location, you need to make sure that you’re in a good place, if you live in a city it’s going to be a lot easier for you to meet someone, just make sure you move around often and try to be the new person.

You’ll always find it a lot easier to meet women if you’re new and in a group of people who’ve been friends and got bored of each other.


Bars and clubs

If you want to meet a girl then starting off in a bar or club is probably going to be the easiest place for you, it makes sense and it really will save a lot of time for you.

You just need to pick a few nice clubs and bars that have some women in them, maybe ask if one would like a drink and then have a chat, be careful about boyfriends as they will get the wrong idea and you will sometime come across girls who want you to get beat up so make sure you keep that in mind. – Bars and clubs really are awesome, make sure you tell us what you think about the 30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women in the comments.



Having confidence is one of the biggest keys to meeting women and it always will be. You need to make sure you take full advantage of your personal abilities and by that I mean make the most of what you’ve got and base yourself entirely on that.

Also overconfidence is always a lot better than under-confidence.



Smelling like a man is something that I highly recommend and it really will get you far, you need to smell and act like a man and that’s a lot easier if you start with just the smell.

So go and buy some adult aftershave and get something that isn’t as sweet as the normal ones, give yourself a nicer spray before you go out and make sure you smell nice and new.



Having the right attitude when pulling girls is key, if you’re to big-headed and look like you love yourself so much then girls will be highly put off by that. You’re much better off being as nice as possible and just thinking highly of yourself. Have an ego but just don’t have one that’s so big everyone can see it.


Dress well

Dressing well is always something that I will promote and it’s something that will really make you look and feel better. If you think you look like rubbish then your whole confidence will drop, if you love your shoes and what you’re wearing then you’ll find it so much easier to be above the rest and that makes your life better.


Stand out

If you’re in a group of men then you’ll want to stand out, not in a stupid way but in a nice way, be the one they’re interested in and want to talk too, make conversation and be nice, maybe be a little cheeky and see where it takes you. – Want more information? The comment on the 30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women below.


Don’t take too much time

If you wait for her to come to you it might never happen, so instead of wasting loads of time you should just be quick to make the move and see if she likes you, if you do that then the rest will fall into place.



Your sex game has to be great and one of the best ways to get a great sex game is by having sex often. They say that men in a relationship are better in bed than men who sleep around and this is because men who sleep around usually only sleep with a max of one woman a week, this means he has sex once and usually it’s the kind of sex that’s over quickly and not to orgasm. As the man in a relationship gets to learn, ask, and try new things every day.


Sex tips

You need to look at loads of sex tips to be able to get the edge on other men, you just need to wow her once and then you  being great in bed will be in her mind all the time.


Sex toys

Sex toys are a great way to make sex a lot more exciting, go and look at out sex toys and I’ll bet you’ll find something that you can have a lot of fun with. There are lubes, oral sex toys, butt plugs,bullets and so much more, just go and have a look. – Sex Toys Are Here


Oral sex

Oral sex is something that a lot of girls like, one bit of advice is never give a girl you just meet oral sex, one you don’t know who she’s had sex with and you don’t want to get an STD and two women usually like to be lean when they have oral sex or at least feel fresh.



Now some girls will love anal sex and some will hate it. You do have to be careful when trying to make it happen as some girls will completely change their mood if you do it wrong.

There’s no harm in trying and in honesty women will usually like it as long as they don’t need the loo and have cleaned up a little down there. This isn’t however something I’d do on a first date or near a first date.

Just keep this till you’ve been going out for some time and want to change things up.



Don’t forget the boobs, once you’ve got the girl you need to remember that the boobs are where you start and they’re the things you pleasure right after kissing.

If you go straight to the clit/vagina then you’ll usually end up getting nowhere, it’s better to start and tease for a second before you move onto them very sensitive parts of her body. This is just my advice and you can really take it how you want.



The art of seducing a women is one that not many men really know and it’s something that will make you really stand above all of the men. You just have to learn what women want and use it, it’s not that hard but it does take a lot of practice and a lot of women to get it right.

things like understanding their voice and listening to what they have to say will really help you get further with women.


Love women

To be really good in bed you’ve really got to love women and everything about them, love the difference, their bodies, hair, and personalities, just work on your love for them.

Once you get that you’ll find it easier to have sex with them and make them orgasm, it’s more of something that you’re born with but you can create it if you love women enough. – Hope you’re enjoying the 30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women.


Play her down

This is very dangerous ground and you’re really playing with fire, this is an old tip that a lot of player movies show men and it’s where you play down the hottest girl in the club.

The kind of girl who’s been told she’s hot her whole life, just don’t play up to her and instead play down, don’t be mean or try to spike her confidence because this will go wrong for you just don’t be falling everywhere for her.

It does work but it only works on certain women and them women usually aren’t girlfriend material.


Know when to stop the games

There will usually always be a certain amount of games played in a relationship, whether it’s not answering  back really quick or making the other person jealous and this can sometimes be healthy, you just need to understand when to stop, don’t be playing games in a relationship past the first few months, otherwise things will just get harder on you and it will not be a fun relationship.



Okay you age plays a massive part in how able you are to meet women, some older men will find it easier to meet older women because a lot of them can be devoted and just looking for love, but if you’re younger than you’ll have it easier. Now the best age for meeting girls is around 22 it’s the prime for most men and it’s when you’ll start seeing how easy it is to have sex.

If you’re younger, then your time will come and the best thing about 22 is women who’re the same age are usually trying to meet the one so they’ll be trying as many different people as possible, so it’s always good to use that as a plus side.


The internet

The internet is probably one of the best tools ever made for dating and I’m going to show you some ways to meet women on it, it’s amazing what young people have and it can work really well for old people too.


Dating sites

Dating sites are a great place to start meeting people and you’ll probably have a much easier time getting sex and starting relationships through it.

There’s tones of dating sites and there’s even sex sites that will help you get laid and meet people who just want a booty call, sugar daddy, or someone to be a friend with benefits.

So if you really just want to get laid then you can really just try using this.



Facebook is a god send for people looking to hook up and it’s a great place to start the next steps of your relationship. If you want to enjoy the power of Facebook then you really need to go and log on and see how many women there are waiting for you.

You do need to be respectful and you can even see who’s got a boyfriend and who hasn’t so you can keep yourself a gentleman.



Twitter is another place that’s great for meeting people and is a very good way to meet people who’re into the same things as you, there’s a man who got loads of sex using his twitter, I think he slept with over 200 women in total so it’s got to be worth trying.



Tumblr is a great way to meet crazy women who if they’re in your area will be DTF but you do need to be careful with age and legitimacy of it all, so make sure you’re careful and don’t go get yourself killed.



If you’re into having a threesome or something a little more saucy you can always use fetish sites or forums to meet up with other people who want the same, this can sometimes be exciting and the option is always there for you. – This is the 30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women.


Being an adult

Being an adult is really important when it comes to meeting women, they go for older men so make sure you act your age but still have fun.


30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women – So you ready to go in the big world and meet some women? Well if you are then it’s time to go! Remember to be yourself and be awesome. – Share if you enjoyed – Comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

30 Quick Ways To Get Sex And Meet Women

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