5 Fantasies That Couples Should Stay Well Away From

5 Fantasies That Couples Should Stay Well Away From – There’s lots of orgasmic fantasies that will completely change the way you have sex with your partner. But, what are some of the fantasies that people in a relationship should stay away from? I’m going to go over some of the worse fantasies that will always completely change your sex life, in usually a negative and unrewarding way. Even though some of these fantasies may seem like they’d be a lot of fun, trust me when I say I’ve got experience of them ruining relationships and completely changing the way people look and feel about sex. – Sharing is caring. – If you’re awesome then please share after you read this. – Comment below if you’ve got any questions. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

5 Fantasies That Couples Should Stay Well Away From


#1. Threesomes With Best Friends, Friends or Randomers

Mmmmm… This is a big no, no. I’ve been giving advice to relationships who’re not in the best way for the past 5 years and I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen people who’ve dated for 8 + years try a threesome with best friends and I’ve seen the problems that then unroll after it.

If you’re going to have a threesome always be the third wheel, the person who’s not in the relationship. That way you’ll not be left with the guilt, dirtiness and mainly the awkward jealousy that people in the couple will feel.


Reason Why It Never Works


People Do It Because Of Quick, Powerful Urges

Most people have never tried to have a threesome, so that means that you’ve usually lived with the urges of having a threesome for most of your life. Because it’s an urge, once you do it the urge is then filled for ‘x’ amount of time, for that period of time you’ll feel the guilt on a massive level and that’s usually when the realization sets in.  When you finally do it, you’ll realize that it’s not how the adult industry make it out to be. It’s usually a very awkward, conscious time.


Nobody Really Wants To See Their Partner With Someone Else

In my experience the people that want to see their partner with someone else are usually turned on by their own emotional pain, it’s usually the most jealous people who fantasies about this kind of experience, so when it finally happens as soon as you’ve cam and the sex is still going you’ll slowly start to feel jealousy and usually when you see how much your partner is enjoying it, it makes it 10x harder.


Don’t Let People Have Their Cake And Eat It Too

There’s a fine line between cheating and swinging. It’s almost impossible to see that line when you start having threesomes, it’s surprising how many people end up having a full time affair with their first lover in the threesome. The worse thing with all this is that it’s not really the persons fault, if you’ve consented them having sex with that person with you there, it’s not to far for them to have sex without you there, it even adds more excitement to both the people in the relationship.

I think after them small reasons, you’ll hopefully see why it’s a bad idea.


#2. Swinging, Wife Sharing And Group Sex All Usually End Up In Problems

Similar to a threesome, but where both parties are getting a lover, it’s ever called swinging, or wife swapping/sharing and even sometimes group sex. First I’ll start by saying that there’s a few couples in the past (Mostly Older Couples) that swing and have a really good relationship, but in the majority it usually doesn’t turn out that way.

If you’re both quite inexperienced lovers, 7 lovers in your lifetime or less then it will really lower your value of sex and can completely change the way you look at your partner. In my experience someone always enjoys the experience more, leaving the other partner jealous, it’s natural, everything in your body will be telling you it’s wrong, as humans we don’t like sharing, especially when it’s something so unshareable like a lover.


#3. Making Your Own Porno

I actually think making a porno is quite a fun idea, but I’ve heard it go wrong on more than a few occasions. If you’re planning to create your own porno then make sure your camera is offline, a lot of cameras connect online and upload to clouds, iPhones, Android Phones, Newer GoPro’s, etc.

The last thing you want is uploading your prono to the world, trust me you’ll have a hard time getting it removed off the internet.

The only reason I don’t recommend couples creating a porno is if you’re planning to upload it to the internet. There’s just no benefit from doing it, there’s no direct pleasure from doing it and it can come back to hunt you throughout your life. The last thing you want is to have kids and then have someone find the porno you did a few years ago.


#4. Letting Someone Watch You Having Sex

This is one of the top 5 women’s fantasies of all time and let me tell you it’s one of the awkwardest moments you’ll ever have. The only time I’ve experienced this and got enjoyment from it was when I went to a sex club, but now everyone has phones with cameras it makes it very hard to do something like this without people filming you.

If you invite someone round your house to partake in this then you’ll usually find they’re a weirdo, they will most likely touch themselves, take pictures and eventually get involved.


#5. Cheating Fantasies, Even If You’re Both Involved

Cheating is a very big and famous fantasy, if you do it in role-play with each other it can be really exciting, but it’s when you give your other partner a hallway pass to cheat, even if you both get a pass it’s still not acceptable, you’ll enjoy it, till the guilt sets in, the lying isn’t fun and the thought of hurting someone you love really does eat most couples up.

5 Fantasies That Couples Should Stay Well Away From

5 Fantasies That Couples Should Stay Well Away From


5 Fantasies That Couples Should Stay Well Away From – Even though some of these might seem amazing, trust me they all have certain consequences that most couples can’t handle. It can sometimes ruin multiple relationships and that’s way people say that a fantasy should sometimes remain a fantasy and never go into the real life world. – Sharing is caring, if you’re awesome then please share. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

5 Fantasies That Couples Should Stay Well Away From

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