5 things girls hate that all men do.

5 things girls hate that all men do.

5 things girls hate that all men do.

5 things girls hate that all men do. – In our opinion this these 5 things all men do at some point and women seem to hate. It’s funny to see how many guys make the same mistakes and don’t even know they’re doing it. Hopefully this will help you stay out of the danger zone that most guys will fall into here and there. – Go on it them share buttons and share with some people! It helps support our article writing. – Comment below if you want more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

5 things girls hate that all men do.

Spending longer to get ready then they do.

If you’re a guy and you like getting ready and it takes an hour or so to get everything ready to go out, maybe it’s best you do it before your partner, some reason all the women we asked said it annoyed them so much, and they also mentioned when you use the things they need light hair straighteners and the only mirror, apparently guys are not welcome in a make up zone. there is a simple way to battle this, just get ready before you see them and then you can do it in your own time. Not all girls will hate this but out of the hundred we polled 90 said they didn’t like it taking more than an hour. This is 5 things girls hate that all men do.

Being late.

This is something I’m guilty for and I think a lot of guys are at this stage, being late when meeting them or going out with them is one of the biggest no’s you can do, it’s silly to think how bad it is to do this and honestly it’s probably the thing most guys do most. Apparently it drives a girl mentel, especially when they live 5 minutes away from where you’re meeting them. The best way to fix this is to either lie to the boy and tell him to meet you ten minutes before and he will be on time or if you’re a lad then just try to get ready ten minutes early. It’s worth doing this one because all the women we talked to said they hated it and it was a big no, no for them. Hope you’re liking  the 5 things girls hate that all men do..


Not letting the girl finish what she’s saying can wind you up in a whole heap of trouble, the best way to annoy a girl is to do this, it’s just as bad as ignoring the and will wind you up in just as much trouble. The best way to get around this is let her speak and then say what you’re thinking, some men just have it built in to try and beat her to what she’s about to say, in honesty that sometimes can’t be fixed, just try to let her speak and you’ll usually do fine and not have to worry to much about annoying her this way. – Do you like the 5 things girls hate that all men do?

Not asking them questions about their day.

This seems silly but something as silly as not asking them questions or about their day can really annoy them, it does make sense and I was shocked at how many men don’t ask about the day of the person they’re with, this can have a huge downside and make them look elsewhere for someone to talk to, it’s a good idea to ask them nice questions and always be caring about what they did in their day, even if you think your day was cooler. The 5 things girls hate that all men do have you done any of these?

 Uploading pictures to Facebook without asking.

Men do not realize the power of pissing women off through facebook, you’d be surprised how most girls would react to this, it’s probably the quickest way to piss any woman off no matter what their age, just uploading a little picture of them with out asking, even if you’re in it can get you in a world of trouble. Some of the very rare women won’t mind but most women like to have a good look at the picture and maybe add some light FX before it goes on, so next time you’re trying to get on her good side avoid uploading anything that she hasn’t seen to facebook, upload pictures that are bad at your own risk just be ready to get a lot of abuse thrown at you.  – 5 things girls hate that all men do.


Avoid everything that’s above the best you can and just stay down low if you do do any of them things in a row. 😉 Remember try them at your own risk and if you don’t want to get in trouble avoid them altogether.
5 things girls hate that all men do

5 things girls hate that all men do

5 things girls hate that all men do. – Do you do any of these? Some men only do one or two and others do them all, if you do them all then don’t worry, it annoys girls but they don’t mind that much, just might shout a little. You can get past that though. We have more advice on women and dating on the site so check it out if you like. – Comments are below and every time you share you make use smile so hit them little share buttons below. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

5 things girls hate that all men do.

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