5 Tips for telling people you’re gay.

5 Tips for telling people you’re gay.

5 Tips for telling people you’re gay. – Do you need help coming out? IT can be really hard to tell people you’re gay sometimes and it can be constantly on your mind whether it’s your family or a close friend we all need people to talk to and lifes to short to hold it in and not tell anyone so don’t worry just be gay and proud and we will show you some times to coming out and prepare you for everything you might get. – Stay strong and awesome. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

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 It’s a little upsetting that we live in a generation where you still have to worry about telling your mum and dad, or friends about being gay. But before we start this you must remember that people may over react and it may change friendships and hurt you for a little but on the plus you’ll create new better friendships, lose the friends that are obviously so old fashion thinking that they’re probably still sexist, and most importantly grow and be able to be proud of what you are. – 5 Tips for telling people you’re gay.

Tip 1. 

Finding the courage.

Depending on what kind of person you are and how you handle things it can be good to find some courage, I remember sitting in the mirror replaying what I was going to say 100 times over and felt butterflies and all. But once it was over and that awkwardness had happened I felt like a massive weight was off my shoulders, it didn’t go amazing for me and at the start people did distance themselves but I met new, better people who helped me out.

Tip 2.

Remember that times will change.

To get the courage up you need to remember the quicker you do it the quicker your life will be back on track, some people have it really easy when they come out and there family’s and friends think it’s amazing and others don’t and it ends up in a screaming match as long as you be honest and remember that this time next year your problems will all be different you’ll be fine.

Tip 3. 


Now with your family it’s best to say lets have a dinner and I’ve got something to tell you, they’ll probably know and prepare which will make it easier than going into the living room and just saying. With friends its best to just say how you feel, it’s sad but depending on the friends it can go good or bad, if you’ve got a lot of girl friends not much will change, if you’ve got a lot of boy friends sometimes it can change, but I found that all my friends once it set in were fine and didn’t mind at all.  – 5 Tips for telling people you’re gay.

Tip 4.

Over thinking.

Sometimes it’s best to not over think and just do it, it can take weeks of debating and end up in you not telling, so it’s best once you decide that you want it to go fro it and not worry about the outcome.

Tip 5.


Well people have different parents and some have a mum and no dad and some have a dad and no mum, well if you’ve got a dad and a mum then this goes for you, it can sometimes be a great idea to tell the parent that’s close to you, usually the mum’s the best but sometimes it’s the dad and it’s god to then ask them what to say the the other one and how to make it easier on both of you.

Last Tip.

Remember to delete this from your history as it might be a good giveaway ;). We really hope this helps you and if you need any more help or have any questions then please just comment below, remember that no matter what the problem we can fix it and just start by messaging us. – 5 Tips for telling people you’re gay.

5 Tips for telling people you're gay

5 Tips for telling people you’re gay

5 Tips for telling people you’re gay. – We may be a sex toy company but if we can give advice we will so make sure you stick it out and don’t take this all to heart as it’s just our opinions and our advice. We hope it helps you and if you need any help or advice then just comment down below and we will answer it and try to help you out. – Mr MAle Sex Toys Blog.

5 Tips for telling people you’re gay.

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