5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life

5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life

5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life

Yes, it’s true. Social media really is ruining your sex life. It sounds weird but does make sense after you read this. I wanted to show you just how much damage social media has on your sex drive, life and social life. Hopefully this will help you understand and if not then just enjoy some of our sex toys 😉 – We love to get some people sharing our stuff, so please share on facebook and use the buttons below. – Comment if you want any more advice and want to find out anything else. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life


Yes it’s true fights are one of the more common sex kills that Social media offers. Say 10 year ago you did something wrong, you’s just get a call and end up working it out.

The amount of people I know who sit and just talk and then end up arguing for some reason (little reason usually) it then gets blown up so much and people then say stuff they never word in real life.

Like say you just meet each other in real life you’d be able to sort it out, as facebook makes this metal wall around you, it then makes people say things that they would never usually say just for effect and to cause some type of damage.

I think most of the teens on facebook would have gone through this at some time, it stops your sex life because little silly things end up turning into big things, that honestly do not matter, it then makes sex less often as she or he is still pissed off.


There 2 big reasons why people being in your business is bad.

1. People start doing things just for facebook, the amount of times I’ve been to a concert and seen someone who records the whole things just to put it on facebook or other social networks, it’s like come on just enjoy the show.

This turns into more of a problem when girls would rather have social media time than sex, it sounds silly but facebook is where most people end up just after they have sex. Where is the love? :O

2. This reasons a little bigger, say you have a fight and something gets put on facebook. You then have the ex’s, guys/girls who fancy them and want them, just about everyone involved.

I’ve seen men threaten men they’ve never met over a girl that he don’t even know. You get that real sense of keyboard warriors.

This hurts your sex life by people who you don’t like being in it and things getting brought up. It also means that everyone gets to know your business that will also put a strain on your relationship and your next one too. – 5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life.


Some people spend more time on social media than they do outside, that’s a shame if social media isn’t your job. You spend your whole life inside and not taking in and seeing the world and you end up with stories to tell your kid that will begin with “This one time on facebook/twitter/tumblr/eta.” It’s silly and you’ll start to see how much time you’re wasting.

I’m not saying social media is bad as it’s a great way to connect a relationship even further and make long distance work. I do think that it can stop you meeting real life people though. – 5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life.

All talk no walk.

I find that a lot of my friends say they talk about sex with these girls and they hype it up what they are going to do with each other, they make it so hyped and then when they meet it’s like they’ve never talked about it.

It makes people rush or get awkward and the old way of asking a girl out is really gone, this sucks on a lot of levels and just isn’t a good way to live your life.

If you’ve not meet the person yet or have only seen them a few times, it’s not a great idea to start talking about sex and how you want it to happen, it will just give it even less chance of really happening and working. – 5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life.


So your whole life is documented and a new partner can literally look up everything that there is to know about you. This can be bad and can sometimes just lead to unwanted things. I have to admit that literally you can’t get away from things. It’s amazing as it captures your life but in a way it also captures the bad that can then affect you from then on.

It’s a way for people to bitch about you and set you up and it really is a bad way to get a good relationship. It can be a good thing, but it is a big step and that’s why it can kill your sex life. If you use social media wrong and don’t live then life will be very worthless and won’t have must meaning.

So take your partner out and leave social media for a week or two and see that you can easily coop without it.

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5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life – It sounds silly and it is but we do need to watch how much time we spend on social media, it’s not healthy to watch our life fade away and just become a document on a social site. So start interacting and try not to get in any trouble on social media. – Remember to share this with friends and use the buttons below to share it with the world. – Comments make us happy so please leave us a comment below and tell use what you think. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

5 Ways Social Media Ruins Your Sex Life

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