8 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy

8 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy

8 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy – People seem a little scared to try sex toys and I can’t understand why. I love sex toys and I think once you start trying them and get used to the sex toy world it really does become a more orgasmic and intense experience that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I’m going to explain to you why using a sex toy will change the way you live, the way you watch porn, the stress you have in your life and your alone time forever, these things will all improve and never been the same again, if that sounds good to you then you need to try this out right now. – I love to see everyone sharing, so please be out of this world and share as much as possible. If you’ve got anything you’d like to ask then please use the comments below, it really does help us out. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

8 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy


#1. Opens Your Mind In The Best Possible Way

Sex toys do and will open your mind sexually. By using a sex toy you’ll see that women can have just as many orgasms as men. I remember the first time I tried a vibrator. I was left speechless, I couldn’t believe the feeling, I used it four times in a row and it was the first time I ever had multiple orgasms, one after the other. After experiencing that I was a different person, I was much more open-minded to sex and that was such an amazing thing.

I used a toy like this first and it has to be the best beginner sex toy you can ever get.


#2. Who Doesn’t Like Having More Orgasms

Cut the crap every person would love to have a more orgasmic sex life, by adding sex toys you’ll get that. I feel jealous for the people who’re yet to feel the power of a vibrator, the pleasure is unspeakable. It’s out of this world and does get even better with time.

The world is at a point where sex toys just keep getting better, so if you start adding sex toys into your sex life now, you’ll just be at a constant update, something that’ll keep you having more orgasms.


#3. Porn’s Never The Same Again

I’m a women who does enjoy watching a little porn here and there, It does help me get off and once you get a sex toy porn changes, I mean seriously changes, it turns into something more enjoyable than ever before. You can now get much more into the moment and if you enjoy the feeling of penetration then a vibrator will help you to reach that point.

I use this vibrator, it’s the perfect size, power and may be just a little better than the real thing ;).


#4. Gets The Sexual Tension Out Of Your Life

Sexual tension can be amazing, other times it can be frustrating, create stress and make you feel lonely. So I think that you’ll need to get a sex toy just the relieve you from that tension that’s building up in your body, because there’s nothing worse than needing to have a release but not being able too, that’s just something that you’ll see normally every day with normal women, add a vibrator into the mix and you’ll be ready to go.


#5. Helps Learn Sexual Things About Yourself

Women don’t cum as much as men because we don’t test our bodies as much, men learn what feels good and cum straight away as women are much more reserved, not sexually but emotionally, a sex toy will help open that part of your body up.

So treat yourself to a sex toy and start making your life not just your sex more interesting.


#6. Will Make Your Sex Drive Higher

It’s conformed that sex toys do make your sex drive go through the roof, when I get a new sex toys still find it hard to leave the bedroom for the first week or two, it’s just exciting and once you unlock multiple orgasms it doesn’t get much better.

Once you unlock your clit you can then try penetration, then g-spot and then maybe get naughtiest, so you always have something to try out.


#7. Can Make You Better In Bed

Sex toys will make it easier for you to cum in real sex, as you’ll have experienced more orgasms you’ll start knowing what it takes to get you off, once that happens it becomes easier to have great sex with your partner. Something that not everyone experienced.


#8. Women Love Men Who Try Sex Toys

Men all this stuff goes for you too, it’s all about pleasure so if you enjoy sex toys you’ll enjoy sex more. You can learn a lot and women love me who’re open-minded with sex toys so go on, treat your partner to an amazing sex toy and see how much it makes sex feel better.

8 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy

8 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy

8 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy – It’s time to get your sex toy now, don’t you think? I think you’ll want to get something that’ll really make you go wow. Sex toys really are more amazing than you can even imagine. Trust me, give one a go and see what you think. – Sharing is caring, so please share. – Comment if you want to have a chat or if you’ve got a question. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

8 Reasons Why You Need A Sex Toy

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