8 Reasons Why You Need To Try Butt Plugs

8 Reasons Why You Need To Try Butt Plugs – Does sex sometimes feel like it’s the same every time? Maybe a little overhyped? That’s the way I used to feel, then I started having some fun with butt plugs and other sexual toys, this really did change everything that I’d every thought about sex. This article is aimed t both men and women, just change it to the perspective that you’re in. A lot of men and women let people put them off the idea of butt plugs and anal play, the truth is that most people have tried some kind of anal sex in their life, so you should never feel bad about it. – Sharing is caring, comment below if you’ve got any questions or advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

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 #1. They’re Orgasmic Once You Start Using Them

I’ve always had a thing for butt plugs, It took me ages before I let myself try them. I always felt like it was a little wrong, then I tried one :O. At first it felt a little weird, but once I started having sex it felt amazing. Out of this world. Whether you’re a female or a male it’ll feel fantastic. It really does add to the sexual experience.

I do recommend getting a little of this lubrication, it makes life a little easier. Lube is important as it was the only problem I had on the first time I used a butt plug.


 #2. It’s Something New that Will Change the Way You Have Sex

When my friend told me that butt plugs would change the way I had sex I thought that they were joking, it wasn’t until I gave it a go that I realized the pleasure behind these amazing toys. It’s weird that most people never even unlock the hidden pleasure of butt plugs and it all comes down to people thinking their a little weird.

There’s nothing weird about sexual pleasure and once you give it a try it’ll really change things up for you.


 #3. It Makes You Feel A Little Naughty 

It’s pure naughtiness. It still makes me feel extremely naughty even after years of using them. It just changes the way I  had sex. It game me a different outlook on pleasure. It takes above 2 minutes to get used too and once you’re used to them it becomes instantly orgasmic. I will recommend that you start with something like this beginner butt plug, as I don’t recommend starting with a butt plug that’s too big, it really does take time to upgrade to the bigger butt plugs. In my experience. Everyone is different, but I do recommend starting with that one at the beginning.


 #4. It Can Stimulate the Prostate Making Male Orgasms Much More Intense 

It’s true… Butt plugs will stimulate the male prostate making sex a whole new world of pleasure. Butt plugs are easily the safest way to experiment with prostate stimulation. Me and my partner both use butt plugs and it really does put a spring into our sex life. It adds something new and exciting that I just can’t explain. It’s definitely a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a way to access a new type of orgasm then I highly recommend trying a prostate stimulation.


 #5. Female’s Will Get Some Orgasmic Benefits Too

Let’s face it, sometimes orgasms get a little boring, especially when they take 30 minutes to happen. That’s where butt plugs come into play. You can insert a butt plug half way through your pleasure, it will help provoke a much more intense orgasm and it completely changes the mood of the sex.


 #6. You Can Be Naughty And Wear Them Outside

If you’re as naughty as me you can wear them will going on a walk or on a quick car journey. If me and my partner ever have to go a long distance I always put my butt plug-in while they drive just to make the journey that much more exciting.

It’s also a fun way to get the household chores done. It really does make me horny and after speaking to a few of my friends it seems that it does the same to them. So if you want to get more in touch with your sexual side this is the best way to do it.


 #7. It’s Something New To Try

Everyone enjoys trying something new and butt plugs are exciting and different it’s definitely a new way to get pleasure out of sexual intercourse. If you’re a mid aged person then it’s the perfect way to start getting the pleasure that you need in order to enjoy sex again.

I’ve started using this vibrating butt plug and I must say it’s one of the most thrilling sex toys that I’ve ever used, it’s purely orgasmic. So far I’m yet to find a toy that does a better job than this one. It just doesn’t get much better than this pleasure.


 #8. They Look Sexy As Hell If You get The Right Ones

If you want to feel sexy in the bedroom then get a butt plug like this. It turns your butt into a sexy, but cute sight that really will turn your partner on. They also make men look more sexy too, just my opinion.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Try Butt Plugs

8 Reasons Why You Need To Try Butt Plugs


8 Reasons Why You Need To Try Butt Plugs – So the question is, are you ready to start something new in your sex life? Do you want to change the way you have sex forever? If yes then you really have no choice, this is the best way to do it. Whether you’re a man or a women this will completely change the way you have sex. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything else to add or change about the article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Try Butt Plugs

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