8 Ways To Get More Sex

8 Ways To Get More Sex

8 Ways To Get More Sex – Are you a little unsatisfied with the way your sex life is going? This is normal for people who’re older and maybe you’re younger and don’t understand why it’s happening to you, well no matter whether you’re in a new relationship or old relationship we’re going to show you exactly how to get more sex from your partner, these tips well help you get better more intense sex that you’ll remember, this is the best way to get your partner wanting you and it’s the perfect way to make sex more interesting. – If you find this helpful then please remember to use the buttons below and share, comments are welcomed so please remember to comment as much as possible. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

8 Ways To Get More Sex

Wash yourself and smell amazing

Making yourself clean and fresh is a great way to get more sex, if you have a shower at night before bed and then dry yourself off and smell good, it will make your partner a lot more interested in getting with you, this is just becaue sometimes we smell and we don’t even know we smell, by having a nice clean right before, you’ll be ready for anything and be able to make her want you more, this is just the first way, if you mix this with the other ways you’ll get maximum results.


Wear nice clothes that will catch her eye

I recommend getting a new outfit, something that will catch her eye, if your girl remembers how hot you are then she’ll start to act a little nicer to you, so make sure you wear something a little different, something that will make her go wow, this is just a little recommendation from me, to you, I do think it’s worth trying out.


Get yourself a nice pair of boxers

Girls love a nice pair of boxers, so make sure you treat yourself and get some Calvin kleins something that she’ll comment on and be excited about, women love anything like that, that’s one of the reasons you need to go for it and give it a try. Also you can get a great deal if you use amazon so make sure you go and check them out.


Be more intense and keep eye contact with her

Make eye contact when you talk to her and be more intimate, this is a great sign that you want more, don’t complain about sex but just make eye contact and make a subtle hint that it’s what you’re thinking about, that way she’ll know that it’s what you want, at this point if she’s still not making any moves then there may be something wrong on the bigger scale, so make sure you ask her and see whats up, this is just something that I’d recommend as an added tip.


Go and have a make out session 

Go and find her with freshly clean teeth, give her a mint and then have a make out session, don’t have sex, just kiss, so many people forget the power of kiss, kissing someone properly and putting the effort in is a great way to reconnect and get the sex started again, if you do this you’ll see the power of kissing your partner.

Surprise her with a home cooked meal 

This will go a long way, all women loved to be surprised, so make sure you surprise her with a home cooked meal that she won’t forget, if you do this for her then she’ll hopefully repay you back in a really nice way, it’s definitely worth a shot.


Try something new 

Ask is she’d like to try something new, maybe a new sex position or something like a sex tip or maybe even a sex toy, anything that will put the life back into sex and make it a little more exciting.

Shave down there or trim

Don’t go all the way, but make sure you trim, get some clippers and just go to town, don’t shave it all off because women like a little hair there, just give it a trim and make it so you’re a little cleaner and easy to see, this will make your penis look bigger and it will also make you more clean.


Girls Guide To Getting More Sex

Girls Guide To Getting More Sex



8 Ways To Get More Sex – So are you ready to get more sex from your relationship? Well it really couldn’t be much easier than this, you shouldn’ve learnt everything you need to know to make your sex life so much better, I’ve uysed these tips before and trust me they really do work. – If you found this helpful then please remember to share. – Comments are loved and welcomed so please remember to comment. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog. –

8 Ways To Get More Sex

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