8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying

8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying

8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying – Lying can really turn a relationship bad, sometimes it can eat away at the strongest parts of your relationship. I wanted to create an article that would teach you the 8 ways to tell if someones lying, that way you can put your mind at easy, these are the best ways to know if someone’s lying about cheating or seeing someone else. Usually this works without fail, even though it may seem a little in official, it will let you know exactly what your partner has been up to and help you protect yourself in the future, this is easily one of the safest and easiest ways to find out the truth. – Sharing is caring, if you find this advice helpful then please share it with as many people as you see fit. – Comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying


#1. Can They Not Keep Eye Contact

If your partner is not keeping eye contact with you or is keeping strong, unwanted eye contact it can sometimes be a sign that they’re lying. Some people have grown aware of this, so instead of not keeping eye contact they try to give the strongest eye contact that’s possible. Just ask them the question in which you think they might lie, then watch their eyes and if you know them feel you’ll be able to see a difference.

A good method is to ask them something that you know they’ll tell the truth with and then ask them something that might be a lie, that way you can compare reactions.


#2. Do They Over Compensate

If they’re over compensating with gifts or attention when they’ve been somewhere this is usually because of guilt. If you see a big difference in their attitude and kindness then it all links, it doesn’t always have to be with gifts.

People don’t like lying, so if they’re a normal person that has some smarts about them, this will be the first thing that you’ll notice from them.


#3. Do They Let You On Their Phone

Look if someone won’t let you on their phone or always takes their phone out of the room then there’s usually something that they don’t want you to see. If you’re relaxed around each other and this starts happening then I’d just take a sneaky look on their phone when you get a chance.


#4. Has Their Routine Change Without Explanation

If you see a big change in a routine without anything changing then you can usually aim this at some sort of cheating or surprise. I usually recommend giving it a week and just finding out if where they say they’re going adds up, if they say they’re at work then just give their work a call and see what happens, if there’s no answer then just try their phone.

This isn’t really a lying tip, this is more for people who think their partner might be cheating.


#5. Do They Get Grouchy When You Ask Them Questions

If you ask a question that relates to what they’re lying/could be lying about and they respond in an angry, over protective or crazy way then you can usually see if it’s a lie. I usually use the over methods in this article all together, just for the best effect.


#6. Does Your Gut feeling Tell You You’re Right

If your gut is telling you they’re lying then the chances are they are. Most people know the answer before they even talk about it. It’s crazy, but true. Your guy is usually right and when you’ve got that feeling that you are then don’t let people make out you’re crazy, you’re not.


#7. Keylog Their PC (This Is Wrong, but you’ll find out the truth)

You can get software that you can install on their PC that’ll show you what they’re typing in. People use it on school PC and on their kids PC’s, but you can always install it on someone you think is lying to you. It allows you to see everything they’re typing without ever having to get on their pc.

I use Sniper Spy it allows you to watch their pc without being anywhere near it and it will monitor all their activities and is untraceable to a normal pc user. If it gets found you can just blame it on a virus, but the chances of someone finding it is very slim.

At least this way you can be completely sure about what’s going on.


#8. Do They Change Their Story About What Happened 

You can usually guarantee that a liar will change their story multiple times. If they can changing bits of their story then you know they’re lying. PEople do make errors, but usually small errors and people who’re not lying usually won’t bring them up just incase you feel like they’re lying because of it, as someone who’s lying is just trying to make you believe and they’ll say anything to make the possible, the chances are they’ll forget shortly after they’ve said it to you.

8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying

8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying


8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying – Lying sucks, sometimes people do it to protect you and it’s not always as it seems, always give your partner a chance to explain their actions, things can be repaired, but usually if someone makes ill choices more than once it makes it very hard to trust them again. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you want more advice on lying. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

8 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying

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