Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review.

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review. – Last longer and be better in bed with this amazing delay spray from Adam and Eve. Be the sex god you’ve always dreamed of. This delay spray really works and before we start the full review I will tell you that it’s really good and will make you last at least 2 x longer in bed and give you a lot more control over when you ejaculate. – If you need any help just comment below and we will help you. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review

 Product Description:

Increase your stamina instantly with the Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray. This delay spray will keep you erect and keep you going for longer. Have you ever been worried about ejaculating to quick? Or have ejaculated to quick? It can ruin the experience and make sex no longer fun.
With this delay spray all it takes is 2 sprays 5 minutes before and you;ll be lasting 20 to 30 minutes more in an instant.
This really will change your love-making forever and give you the confidence in the bedroom you need to pull off amazing moves. It’s also great for first times and people who just want piece of mind. It’s little and can fit in any pocket discreetly.

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review

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My Opinion:

We all want to last longer in bed. I never have the time to pleasure myself anymore, work and life get in the way. So when I stopped I found that the only sexual release I got was with my partner. This worked well at the start with fun sex and it being more exiting because I was more hard form not masturbating. after about a month or two I noticed that I was finishing quicker and quicker.
Having even less time so now its 1 to 2 weeks from when I get sex so by then It’s a maximum 3 minutes. Leaving me and my partner both feeling annoyed and ruining sex for me. I had to do something so I went and got some delay spray. I thought what better way, I was worried and got this one because I know Adam and eve and they’re a good brand. It cam the next day and I was so exited to try it. I recommend like a lot of people using it first time on your own.
I got this just before the weekend so I had some me time and worked out how much I need. For me its 3 sprays about 10 minutes before. So did it work well? It really did!! I had sex about 4 days after I brought this and it lasted all in all about 35 to 40 minutes and was the most biggest weight taken off my shoulders. It meant positions that I couldn’t do before I can do for ages and has made my partner a lot more happy and just makes sex a lot more fun. It’s something I use nearly every time and I feel myself only using a spray 10 minutes before
as now I naturally last a lot longer.

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review

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The Good:

– Doesn’t smell.
You couldn’t tell I was wearing it, with a lot of reviews I read about other delay sprays they can sometimes kick off bad smells, was happy to see this one didn’t.

Very quick working.
It’s quick in the way it takes 5 to 10 minutes but even quicker with the fact it fixes pre-mature ejaculation instantly.

– Well priced.
It will naturally start making you last longer after you use it so it’s a very good price to fix a problem as big as that.

– Didn’t kill my erection.
This made me harder. If you don’t over do it and add a silly amount (over 5) then it will just make you harder and more ready.

The Bad:

Wish I had it when I was younger and got it before. I’ve had this for a while and just wish I had got it Asap as my partner would have been much happier.


If you’re looking for delay spray this is it. You really can’t go wrong with this spray and it’s the best out there.
It takes the worry out of sex and also when I get a chance for some alone time it makes it last a lot longer and be more fun. Lasts ages and will make you last longer without it as you get more confidence and I only use one spray and it lasts the same time now.
Acts quick, you only have to wait 5 minutes. Is easy to pill the label off and put it in your pockets for nights out if you was a little younger. 😉 This is probably the swinger toy of choice. I recommend this product to all men going through what I went through! It isn’t nice to have that problem and really does affect the relationship, so just buy this and sort the problems today.

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review

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Price: $19.99. 

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review. – Really worth the money. This is a great thing that all men should have. Even if you last longer in bed it still helps with staying in control and knowing that you ejaculate when you want to not when your body does. It’s great for people just starting out who are worried and good for men looking for longer sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray Review. 

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