Adrien Lastic Beginner’s Curved Comfort Butt Plug Review

Adrien Lastic Beginner's Curved Comfort Butt Plug Review

Adrien Lastic Beginner’s Curved Comfort Butt Plug Review.

Beginner butt plugs are something that we all have to do and some are great, some suck. This one will hopefully be great! We sent it to one of our friends and wanted to know if they enjoyed it and if it made a good first toy. It’s one of the best so I’m hoping they’ll enjoy and maybe have some fun with it and give us a good review. Well let’s get started! – If you would be awesome enjoy to share this post and comment below if you need any help it would be perfect of you. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

Product Description for the Adrien Lastic Beginner’s Curved Comfort Butt Plug:

 This is the perfect unisex butt plug as it is and will blow your blind sex wise! This butt plug is ideal for prostate massage and doesn’t involve any effort at all, it works well and doesn’t take any skill to get going and enjoying the pleasure.

The elegantly shaped butt plug is designed for both boys and girls to use and is made with 100% silicon and a soft but still firm and very flexible body.

The ring will stop travel and make it very easy to pull out and as it stands your body will get extreme pleasure from this butt plug.

The length is 4.75 inches and its insertable length is 3.5 inches, circumference is 3.85 inches. It’s got a great size and really does the trick for both beginners and intermediates.

It will allow you to walk around and have pleasure all day long. If you’re ready for that then get one for yourself and see if you agree with us.

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My Opinion of the Adrien Lastic Beginner’s Curved Comfort Butt Plug:

 This is a brilliant little butt plug. Touches me in all the right ways and makes pleasure easier on beginners. For a while I’ve wanted to try anal play and use some sex toys like prostate massagers, anal beads, and butt plugs.

I never had an idea where to start and it was only speaking to someone I knew that helped me a lot. This toy is for beginners and didn’t take me any times to get the hand of it and start using it.

The pleasure? Probably one of the best forms of pleasure I’ve ever had! It felt so amazing and really took my breath away at points. I left the butt plug inside while I was masturbating and found great pleasure from doing so.

I also left it inside and would walk around with it in, it’s hot and as I move it massages my p-spot, that’s a very good way to bring myself to climax.

I started to unlock the power of the p-spot almost immediately with this butt plug.

If you’re into big toys it might be a little small for you and the ring I found easy to use and great for stopping extra travel, some people say it got in the way while sitting? I didn’t have that happen to me.

I do agree when other people say this toy is for beginners like me and as a beginner I can say it was the perfect way to have some anal pleasure and change up normal masturbation. – This is the Adrien Lastic Beginner’s Curved Comfort Butt Plug Review. Hopefully you’re enjoying!

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The Good

 The Size.

Size is everything when it comes down to this toy and for me I really do like how it feels inside.

Prostate stimulation.

It gently strokes my prostate and gives me a very intense  and pleasurable stimulation. Great for my first time prostate experience.

Finger loop.

Stops travel and makes it easy to pull out at the good moments or just after the fun’s stopped. Great for piece of mind and looks good.


It’s made for comfort, it just goes with my body’s curve, sits in place and I just have to enjoy it.


It’s designed for both men and women and easy to use for both.

The Bad

This isn’t for experts, I have been asked by a friend of mine if he would recommend it to people who have got loads of large anal toys, I think it would be pleasurable on the comfort level, just might not be as stimulating for you! But as I’m a beginner I can’t comment.


After using a butt plug for the first time and it being this Adrien Lastic, I’m very happy to say that the experience was very pleasurable and I highly recommend it to others who want to enjoy something similar. It’s a great toy to put you on the anal sex ladder and get you moving and as design is concerned it looks very good in blue and the pink is great for girls. If you’re after a sex toy like this it’s worth taking a look at.

Where to buy: Adrien Lastic Beginner’s Curved Comfort Butt Plug

Price: $19.99 

Adrien Lastic Beginner’s Curved Comfort Butt Plug Review – This beginners butt plug is definitely a winner and definitely one to get if you’re starting your anal sex journey, always best to start it properly than rush and miss some of the best toys. There are toys like this that I still love using and I try to build into my every day masturbation routine. – Remember to share by hitting them sexy buttons and if you’re feeling even more awesome than like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Adrien Lastic Beginner’s Curved Comfort Butt Plug Review

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