Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review.

Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review. – Today we’ve got a full review of this fantastic penis pump. We will talk you through the good and the bad and our review will give their opinion and breakdown of the product. We hop this helps you pick a good penis pump and remember to contact us or comment if you need help/ – Free shipping and best price online. – Mr Fleshlight

Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

Product Description:

The Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump the worlds first water-based penis pump! This penis pump has to be known as one of the best all time penis pumps it works with any penis length all the way up to a massive 10 inches and will show results after the first use. Give your penis a workout and experience bigger and longer erections immediately and a growth in penis size permanently with in 6 weeks of use. Now tell me if someone told you they could add a good amount of size to your penis in 6 weeks you’d say no? I know I wouldn’t. Get yours today with free shipping. – Mr Fleshlight.

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Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

My Opinion:

I have found the key to a bigger penis. I’ve used a fair amount of penis pumps mostly a lot cheaper than this one. I’ve been looking in this market for a better more safe penis pump! This one seemed like a dream it’s as safe as they come and after using it I don’t think there’s any chance of over pumping due to it being a hydro pump. So i started using it just over 2 months ago and will start from the beginning. Got this and was very happy I brought it with the soft pads for added comfort. It arrived within a day so was very happy. Run a nice warm bath put some tunes on and started using. It’s really easy to use and you can jump right into it with in seconds. After about 15 minutes I stopped and already I could see a massive size difference it was like an erection on one of your best days. After about 2 or 3 hours it died down so we will skip to the third week. I have been using every day for 20 minutes and after 3 weeks am seeing permanent results. It’s added size constantly and about 0.2 inches length and 0.3 inches girth which is really visible and after I use it, it ads even more size to that for a few hours. Week 7 this is where I started walking round the house with it. Just use the shower strap that comes with it, fill it with water and you can walk round. I have noticed massive growth and about 0.4 length and 0.5 girth which doesn’t sound much but is such a great different that’s half an inch in girth and nearly half and inch length. I will skip to now. I could stop using this tomorrow and have an extra half an inch on both for life. Its made me have 0.6 inches to length and nearly 0.7 to girth I keep getting gains and it’s making my erections a lot stronger and more able. I feel a lot harder and it’s making sex a lot more fun. You can and should get one of these! Even if you’ve got an average penis it makes everything better and adds size and hardness to your penis in no time! – Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review.

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Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

The Good

– Bigger penis. My other pumps took so many uses just to see little results and caused pain this toy just gets right to the point feels very natural and really works and adds size after the first use and permanent size after a few weeks!

– Will give you a show penis. My penis wasn’t very big when it was non erect and now after using this it’s nearly as big as my old erect penis. That means shorts are so much fun to wear.

– Easy to use.

It’s really easy to use. can’t complain one bit about that.

– Design. It’s got a great design and is really eye-catching for this kinda toy.

Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

The Bad:

There’s no bad if you’re looking for a big penis pump this really is the one for you it works grows your penis and that what it claims to do. I would get some of the bathmates comfort rings though as they make it even better.


If you want a monster penis quick get it!! If you want to add length to your penis in a safe fashion in near to no time then get this pump it’s great to use and is better than all my other pumps put together. It gives you time to relax and can be used in a bath, shower or if you feel with water and use the shower strap around the house. It’s non painful and made me a much better man. It adds loads of size to not only your length but to the girth and when your penis is flaccid (non erect) It looks so much more big like really added a few inches to its down size. I would say to any man looking for a bigger penis pump to get this. They also do smaller models of this pump as this ones quite big. -Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review.

Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

Where to buy:

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Only: $199.99.

 That was the Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review. – If you liked that but want one at a better price or a little different check our other penis pumps out. Also we really love this penis pump and highly recommend it we only sell products that are tried and tested and this one is safe and really does add strength and size to the penis. – Mr Fleshlight

Bathmate Goliath Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review.

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