Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax

X40 Hydrotherapy Penis

Pump Review.

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review. – Increase the size of your penis in one use and have a longer erection with this penis pump. Today we take a look at this bathmate and see if it’s a penis pump worthy of adding to our collection. If you need any help picking a good penis pump just comment and will point you the right way. – Mr Fleshlight.

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

Product Description:

Enhance the length of your manhood in not time with the Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump the next in a line of high quality penis pumps.
This penis pump will add size and circumference to your penis in the quickest possible time. This is 35% more powerful than predecessor and it will be delivering impressive results within minutes of using it.
If you worry about your penis size then you need to get this to make your life better and your partner’s or future partners happier. This really will add the size you need to be a bigger more confident man.
This will not just increase your penis length instantly it will also help you maintain a strong and healthy erection for a lot longer and will give you growth on the first use and every use after that for a few hours so be ready for all the sex fun you can have with this penis pump.
Bath time has never been so rewarding in all of its time.

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Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

My Opinion:

Very happy to review the Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump! It’s much easier reviewing something when you love it and it works. Okay so let’s get started. I’ve had 3 penis pumps and I outgrow two and one didn’t have enough suction and also didn’t hold it well. (that was my last pump) So have been shopping around for a good penis pump replacement for a while.
I found this one and the price put my off at first as it’s almost 200$ but after a bit of thinking I decided the reviews were good and it was worth it. So I got this 2 months ago and got told that’s that two months of use was the minimum to be able to write a good review. It’s very large and a little hard to hide. I didn’t find that a problem though. Lets say it’s well worth the money
the build quality and how well it’s made is better than all my pumps put together! The size is brilliant and going to be very hard to out grow. It free’s up a nice bit of relaxed bath time and has great suction. But most of all it feels comfortable. All my penis pumps have shared the no pain no gain quote as this is the first that doesn’t need that it’s very fun and I enjoy using it and getting the penis size gains.
Okay so does it work? Yes, better than all my others I have got instant size that lasted about 3 hours on both length and girth and then after about a week of using my flaccid penis was massive inside and that’s permanent and then after a months and a half I got permanent length and girth gains at a noticeable level. I didn’t tell my partner I was using it and after a month she commented on my penis being bigger and then I told her and she said she’s
been wondering why it was so much harder and stronger than normal so really does work. I’ve had a lot more gains in the second month and I keep going from strength to strength. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants a stronger healthier penis and to people who want a bigger penis forever.

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The Good:

– Not painful.

It’s very comfortable to wear and I look forward to it and it’s a nice part of the day which I never thought I’d say.

– Fun to use.

I look forward to using this at the end of the day or in my morning shower. Which has never been the case with a penis pump.

– Quality.

It’s worth paying the money for a penis pump that stays good and does lose its suction.

– Gives gains quick

It gave me a bigger penis in an instant which is really what I’ve wanted for a long time and was starting to lose hope with. It does the trick and really pays off to use it a few times a week or every night if you can, you won’t regret when you have a longer, bigger penis.

The Bad:

This isn’t a con with the penis pump more of just a warning look up water retention before you use it’s really a non worry but can scare people who’ve never used one and don’t know it just goes in an hour or so.
You won’t get this if you just take it easy and only make sure you have one day off a week.

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump


It’s the perfect penis pump. All in all it’s a great design and really works well! Worth every penny and I love mine and use it 5 times a week. It gives you a nice relax time and keeps me happy with the length and girth I’m gaining. I also would recommend this for people looking to get a harder penis I’ve noticed it’s like using a cock ring once you use this
a few times it makes me harder and also makes my erection last long than normal. I’ve heard penis pumps are good for your penis and help maintain a good blood flow another reason to get one. If you’re trying to buy a penis pump and have the cash for this one just get it don’t waste your money on lower brand ones that’ll just break or not work it’s better getting something that will work and continue working for good.

Where to buy:

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Only: $198.99.

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review. – This really is a great penis pump and the best we’ve reviewed so far. It does what it’s meant to and will increase the size of your penis in no time. We do free shipping and offer the best online price for this sex toy. Mr Fleshlight fully recommend this penis pump and now sells it. Go check it out now. – Mr Fleshlight.

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump Review.

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