Beginner Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men

Beginner Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men

Beginner Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men – I sometimes do some gay sex advice and recently I haven’t had much time on my hands to write it, so when I saw that a lot of people where asking for some anal sex advice I jumped at the chance to write it. This is my take on beginner anal sex advice for gay men, these are just some tips and tricks that I´ve used to make sex a lot more interesting and really make it a lot more easy on beginners just starting. I remember how scared I was so don´t worry, this will help you ease them nerves. – If you´ve got any questions after reading this then please use the comments below and if you want any advice then please feel free to ask. – Remember that sharing is caring and if you hit them buttons below it makes us really happy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Beginner Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men 

Be ready

When I had anal sex for the first time I wasn’t ready and it made the whole experience a lot harder, I did what most gay men do and rush into to prove I was gay or see if I enjoyed it. It took a lot of the fun out of it and if anything made it a very awkward and not fun experience.
So my biggest bit of advice is to make sure you´re ready, they don´t have to be the one but it´s definitely a start if you feel like they are.
So I usually say take your time and at least go out with someone for a month or two before you have real anal sex with them, this is only if it´s your first time and it´s just because you´ll feel more confident with them and that will make your life a lot easier.



Remember lubricant, it´s an absolute most to have some anal lubricant, you can buy some on lovehoney and just get some that will really do the job.
This way it won´t hurt anywhere near as much as it does for some people and it will be a lot more enjoyable. I find anal sex to be the best pleasure I can get and with a good lube it just makes the whole experience even better, I´m sure you’ll agree once you get started.


Desensitising Lube

I didn’t have this when I was younger and had anal sex, this a great tool that I use now for my big anal sex toys, it really makes them a lot easier to use, you just apply some of the desensitising lube and then wait about 2 to 5 minutes, then have anal sex, you´ll not feel as much pleasure but it won´t hurt at all and you´ll at least give yourself a second to get used to the stimulation of it.
I would recommend using this on your first time or at least having it present just so if it hurts you can grab some and put it on. – This is the beginner anal sex advice for gay men, comment if you enjoy.


Try a finger or two

It´s always good to know what you´re getting yourself in for. Now I know most of the people reading this probably would have tried some sort of anal play but just for the men who haven´t you should really think about it.
Just pop a finger up there and have a little play, do this for a few weeks and just get used to the stimulation, after a while you should start enjoying It and after that you´ll start to love it and then it will become something you crave and want to do.


Prostate toys

My favourite sex toys are prostate toys and butt plugs, I really recommend getting yourself a prostate toy just to have a little fun with, it will make your sex a lot more enjoyable and help you reach climax in a much quicker time.
I use toys like the nexus revo 2 and just anything from this prostrate shop, they usually have some great toys.


Take it slow

Taking things slow is always good, try to take things at the pace that suits you, it will make it a lot better also try to enjoy it, so don´t rush or plan it for any day. Just take it as it comes.



You can use an anal douche to clean your ass and make sure nothing bad happens, that’s what I recommend. You just get water inside, insert it inside your ass and lightly squeeze, it do this once or twice either in the shower or on the toilet and you´ll be clean as a whistle.


Warm bath

Take a warm bath and relax, you can have one together and have a bit of fun in it or even just alone while chatting to your partner, this will get you ready and keep you clean for him. – Beginner Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men.



Make sure you stay relaxed and don´t panic, just remember that you can stop whenever you want so there´s no panic or any pressure on you.



Make sure you’re really horny, try not to masturbate for a few days before it and just try to work yourself up so you´re ready for it, it will just make things better, it makes you crave it more and will make it more fun.
You can always use toys while warming up and get ready for something bigger, maybe even finger each other for extra fun.

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Beginner Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men – What do you think? Feel better about having anal sex¿? These really are just some tips that I wish I´d of had when I first started having anal sex and they´re just things that I recommend you try. You can try them all and then just stick with what suits you. – Remember to comment below if you need any advice and if you want to help promote us then please hit the share buttons below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Beginner Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men

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