Beginner Anal Sex Advice

Beginner Anal Sex Advice

Beginner Anal Sex Advice – Any anal sex beginners out there? Well it´s time for me to show you how to make anal sex feel a lot better and how to prepare for it if it´s your first time. This is the advice that I wish I´d of had and it´s just advice that will really make your whole anal sex experience a lot more exciting and enjoyable. I find these anal sex tips to be the best and they really will help you have a much more intense time while having sex, This is written for both men and women and both sex´s will gain something from reading this. – If you want to help us out then please remember to share this post. – Comment below if you want any extra advice or help. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Beginner Anal Sex Advice

Shower play

A great way to start having anal play is to jump in the shower and have a bit of fun. This is great for keeping things clean and allowing some fun. You won’t usually have anal sex in the shower but if you´re just looking to start touching and having a feel it´s a great place to start the pleasure off.
The great thing about the shower is that it´s fun, wet and you´re clean, it´s not like you´re going to get any worries from it and it a very confident place for most people. Just make sure you’ve got a mat for the floor so you don´t slip over. – Beginner Anal Sex Advice.


Bath play

You can also use the bath, the bath is something that I highly recommend, it´s a lot of fun and you´ll always be able to get some anal play in there. Again it´s really clean and it´s quite fun if it´s done right. This method is brilliant for people who´re just beginning and it will take a lot of the pressure off anal sex.



It´s always good to get yourself some lubricant before you try having anal sex, it will just make everything a whole lot easier, when I say easier you’ve got to trust me.
It will make the anal sex a lot more fun and it will stop there from being any discomfort, it also makes the penis going in a hell of a lot easier.
You can get loads of different types of lubes and the best advice I can give is to just see which ones suits you the best.


Desensitising lubricant

You can get a type of anal lube that will make it so there´s no pain while having anal sex for the first few times. If your partner is tight then sometimes they´ll receive discomfort, to stop that from happening in the first place you can just purchase some of the desensitising lubricant and it will just take all the anal sex pains away.
It´s also a really good lubricant and you´ll be able to use it for more than just making the anus less sensitive.


Wax or bleach

If you don´t want any hair then you can either wax or bleach, waxing is what I recommend,m even though it hurts quite a lot. It´s just the safest and best way to clean hair from that part of the body.
Bleaching is good and all it is, is where you add blond die to them, this then makes them invisible. This is something you should try if you don´t like pain and just want a quick fix, it´s also a good plan to do bleaching and waxing together, that way your will stay smooth and visible appealing. – Beginner Anal Sex Advice.



I recommend you purchase an anal douche, it will help you clean up and it will make it so no accidents happen while having anal sex, this is always something that I recommend doing and it´s something that´s easy and quick. It´s the best way to clean the anus and it will allow you to relax while having anal sex.


Fingers first

Try having a play with fingers before the penis goes anywhere near. The girl should always have a play first on her try to see what it feels like then after that the man can should have a go.
Remember to be gentle and lube your finger up, this really will help you stay focused and will stop there being any problems when you go onto try really anal sex.



Remember to try loads of foreplay. I usually say have 30 minutes of foreplay and even bring your female partner to orgasm before you try anal sex, that way she´ll be really ready for it and it will be much more enjoyable.
Even try oral sex with a little touching and then eventually move onto fingering then to touching the anus then fingering and then finally sex.



You need to communicate well, the girl needs to know what you´re doing just so she can get herself ready, you don´t want any thing to go wrong so make sure you talk to your partner before about anal sex and then communicate all the way through it.


Let the girl take control

It´s always good to let the girl take control when it comes to first time anal sex, you just don´t want to hurt her or go to quick, so let her control the speed and make sure she´s having a good time, if she wants you to take over then go for it but until then just let her choose the speed.

Beginner Anal Sex Advice

Beginner Anal Sex Advice

Beginner Anal Sex Advice – So you ready for some more anal sex advice? If you are then just comment in the comments below and I´ll make sure that I write something more on this topic, it really is fun to write anal sex advice and that´s why I want to see if you people enjoy it. – If you did then comment and if you want more advice then just ask. – Sharing is caring so please remember to share. Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Beginner Anal Sex Advice

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