Best virgin sex tips for men

Best virgin sex tips for men

Best virgin sex tips for men.

Best virgin sex tips for men. – Are you nervous about having sex and want some advice? We’re here today to explain to you some tips that will help you have a better first time sex experience. These tips are made to help you not just on your first time but even after that and if you do them right/well then you’ll have no problem rocking her world, remember to be careful when listening to friends as they may tell you rubbish. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Best virgin sex tips for men

Premature ejaculation.

The big thing on a lot of mens minds, a lot of men worry about finishing to quickly and it can sometimes lead to a few more problems, we’ve got a good system to stop this being a problem and some things that you’ve got to remember. Tactical wanking, as much as it seems like a good idea it can be a bad thing and can make sex really boring and cause the opposite effect of you not getting hard at all. If you’re going to try this make sure you do it at least two hours before, that will give you enough time to re load. – Best virgin sex tips for men.

Best virgin sex tips for men

Another way is: 

Delay spray. you can get it here and it’s really easy to pick up it just allows you to last as long as you want in bed,. Just spray your penis about 10 minutes before sex and in no time you’ll be lasting like a porn star (a lot more safe than tactical wanking) Best delay spray: Sliquid Ride Rock Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml  It’s pretty cheap and will change sex for you.

Best virgin sex tips for men


Try condoms a few times before, sometimes a condom will be too small or too big and you’ll need a new one so make sure that before you have sex that you try on a pack and just get used to putting them on the right way and properly, it sounds easy but when your nervous start kicking in it will be a problem that just happens and the more pressure the harder it gets, just try to do it right and try to not rush or panic.


Make sure you’re safe because you don’t want to be worried the a whole month whether she’s pregnant or something silly, even if you pull out it can still get her pregnant so remember “before you tap it, wrap it.”

Sex tips.

It doesn’t hurt to brush up on some sex tips while you sitting around here’s some of our favourites.

Number one: 

kissing and foreplay.

Something that all sex tips will start with is you’ve got to make sure she’s wet before you try to have sex, if it’s your first time you’ll add to the problem if she’s not wet and it will just be one thing after thee other so make sure you start with, kissing, touching, and doing patterns all over her skin to get her really bad. Start with her thighs and just start writing little patters and going closer and closer to her sweet spot after about 3 minutes of doing this just get to her lips, you’ll most likely be on top of her clothing so just start lightly going up and down the side of her lips, remember to be gentle. This will get her really wet and make sex a lot easier. – Best virgin sex tips for men.

Number two.


The quicker you learn that fingers are where it’s at the better, make sure you be really gentle and when you’re fingering her just go so slow at the beginning, build it up, remember that most of her nervous and pleasure come from her clitoris and to touch it involves you being really gentle and really motion friendly, that means keeping in rhythm and doing the “circle” technique as that’s the most known and usually works on most girls. Remember be slow at the start, change rotations and speed, and most importantly be gentle.

Is it a good thing?

this is weird but if you’re a good-looking lad and a virgin it’s sometimes a good selling point to girls, now not all girls want someone who’s unexperienced, but all girls want to be someone’s first so make sure you don’t say you’re a pro and big yourself up, it’s like if you’re going to have sex with her she will know straight away that you’re a virgin and it won’t work, same as if you say I’ve got a massive penis and a girl sleeps with you because of it and it turns out you don’t. So be truthful and remember not to just bring it up only say if you’re asked. – Best virgin sex tips for men.

First times.

Remember no matter what happens the first time don’t worry, if it’s great then brilliant and if it’s awkward then YOLO. 🙂

We will have more of these tips soon as this was just part one and the basics so keep us bookmarked and you’ll have more interesting sex tips soon. 

Best virgin sex tips for men. – These tips should be helped to you, just remember to keep them fresh in your mind and not make it harder for yourself by trying to mix it up, sometimes sticking to what you know at the beginning can make sex run a lot more smoothly and fun, if you need any more advice or help then just comment below. Please remember to share as it helps us keep going and helping you guys (trying to help you guys). – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

Best virgin sex tips for men.

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