Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try – We all need to put little challenges into our sex life. Sometimes the bigger the better and for that reason I’ve decided to give you all some challenges that you can try in bed with your partner. These are idea for spicing up the sex, getting more sex and even feeling like you’ve achieved something from having sex. This is out of this world and you just can’t go wrong with it. – If you’re looking for something to really get thins back tonight then just add these and be sure to complete them one at a time. – Sharing is caring, let other people get involved in the amazing sex. – Comment if you’ve got any more challenge ideas for your sex life. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try


#1. How Many Times Can You Have Sex In A Month

This is something that changed the way I had sex with my partner. We just got a pen and paper and we challenged each other to see how much sex we could have in one month. We did good, but the month after that we set targets and she got her friends involved, it actually made the whole thing extremely orgasmic and intense in so many ways.

If you’re looking for was to have bump up the sex you’re having then it can be as simple as just challenging the times you can do it.


#2. How Many Sex Positions can You Try Per Month

Once we did the first month, we got our copy of the Kama Sutra out and started seeing how many sexual positions we could master every month. This made sex a lot of fun and actually made our love spark back, we got so excited about sex, foreplay started become not even needed.

Which is weird, my female partner was so horny all the time that we just kept elevating the sex we we’re having.


#3. Don’t Let Your Partner Cum For A Week With Constant Teasing

You can also try the opposite kind of pleasure, which is the build up game, this is where you just keep building up and letting down your partner. This will drive them crazy and when you finally cum after a week of teasing it’ll feel like your whole body is just emptying out and the orgasm will send your body into a completely different world.


#4. Try One New Thing A Per Week

There are loads of different things you can try in the bedroom to make it even more exciting. I set a challenge for new couples suffering with bad sex, it’s simple you just pick 52 new things to try, these can be sex positions, sex toys, fantasies, sexual testing (anal, oral), different types of orgasms, etc.

You only need to do one new thing per week, but spend the whole week trying to master it.


#5. Try One Sex Toy Per…

If you’ve got the cash then try one a week and if not you can try one per month, just go and get a new sex toy, it can be big or small, it can be BDSM related or a vibrator, even lube or a different type of condom.

Just try to use one new thing every month. This really does increase the pleasure you have while having sex.


#6. Have Sex In Every Room Of Your House Before The Weeks Over

Don’t be lazy, your house should be one place that you’ve had sex in every room. I’d say set a challenge to do your whole house within one week, see how man rooms you can cover, the only way it counts is if you both cum in each room. 😉 How many rooms can you do?


#7. Get The Sexual Bucket List

The sexual bucket list is a great way to increase the quality of the sex you’re having. It’s just a book that’s filled with loads of sex advice and challenges that you’ve got to tick off in order to complete it. It’s lots of fun and great for couples who’re looking to try something different in the bedroom.


#8. Write A Sexual Fantasy List, Start Ticking Things Off

Just like the sexual bucket list you can create your own list of things and start having fun with it. Both of you need to take a piece of paper and you’ve both got to write down 10 – 20 things you want to try in the next year in the bedroom, all have to be possible and you then have to do one a week with no exceptions.

See how great your sex becomes when you do something like this.

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try – Wow, who knew how fun sex could be. It’s unbelievable that sex can be so intense, it’s silly to think people don’t just add these little challenges to other stuff in their life. I hope you’ve enjoyed, if you have then please remember the share buttons. – Comment below if you’ve got any advice or want any advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Big Sexual Challenges Everyone Needs To Try

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