China Brush Delay Solution 3ml Review

China Brush Delay Solution 3ml

China Brush Delay Solution 3ml Review.

China Brush Delay Solution 3ml Review – Today we have a review on the China Brush Delay Solution so far this has been the best-selling delay spray of all time and the most reviewed and loved so we thought it was time to send someone a tester of this china brush delay solution and ask them to write a review of all the goods and bad so we hope you enjoy and hopefully this will help you buy a good delay spray. China Brush Delay Solution 3ml Review.

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China Brush Delay Solution review

Product Description:

China Brush Delay Solution also known as kwang’s solution is something Asians have used for years to pro long erections and increase sexual activity
this little bottle of potent delay spray will get you off on a good note. No more premature ejaculation you will be coming on your own terms and when you want to come. So get ready for the hidden male delay secret.

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My Opinion:

Who knew a small china brush delay solution 3ml could be so good?
I didn’t this little bottle is exactly what the doctor ordered. I have been having trouble a while with premature ejaculation it wasn’t that I couldn’t last long it was more as soon as I started enjoying it I came this got annoying quick
as you can imagine. It was stressful for me and my partner so when mr fleshlight sent me this I had to use it right away!

I started by applying it to the shaft of my penis 40 minutes before I had sex. I used 3 drops as was told by a lot of people too much can lead to a slight burning (didn’t happen for me) So anyway it all started and I was a little worried it wouldn’t work but wow it did. I can’t really explain what happened next
I just lasted and lasted my partner orgasmed and then it was my turn it made me feel like I had the power again and could decide when I wanted to come not just when my penis got exited. So all I can really say is wow and that this has to be the best delay spray I have tried.

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The Good:

– Got my confidence up.

When I tried this my confidence went through the roof all the porn I had been watching finally paid off with the moves I was pulling off. My partner couldn’t thank mr fleshlight enough for sending this to use. (sexual life changer!!!)

– Last longer without even using it.

Even now I use it twice a week and once without I can still easily last 15x longer than before so gave me permanent results which is just what you want from something like this.

– Easy to use.

Couldn’t be anymore easier apply to the shaft of the penis 30 minutes to 1 hour before. (I found the longer you leave it the better it works)

– Potency is perfect

It’s got the perfect amount of kick depending on how you use it, just adds up to perfect and left me and my partner very happy.
– Price

Price is great I’ve seen a few of these going for double and haven’t worked half as good.

– Effects

It worked within 30 minutes and really never looked back 😉 It’s effects are perfect and it’s so nice to have a product like this that does what it say’s

How to use delay spray

The Bad:

Nothing bad at all with this product just the packaging is a little weird and looked like something you buy from a dodgy chemist. But doesn’t matter.

– Packaging.


Only: $14.99


This stuff will make you last like a porn star, it’s easy to use and has about 16 applications in the bottle which for the prices isn’t bad just like a box of good condoms and for the confidence and feeling it gave me I think that’s priceless. It also made my relationship better and just all round was great. The breakdown is this: If you have a problem with premature ejaculation and just want it sorted and want to be able to have good fun sex and enjoy it and not have to worry this is for you.
I will say that for the money what you’ll be left with is a million times better and it will give you the confidence to try new things. So we’ve you last ages okay in bed but just want to last a little longer or if you cum way to quick either way this is for you. I would recommend this to anyone with premature ejaculation instant fix. China Brush Delay Solution 3ml Review.

Score: 9.5/10

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Hope this review on the China Brush Delay Solution 3ml and we hope it helps you picking a good delay spray or male sex toy to fulfill all your male sexual needs. check out our over reviews and check out our male sex toys we have loads and only sell the best. Go treat yourself! 😉 – China Brush Delay Solution 3ml Review.

China Brush Delay Solution 3ml Review.

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