Colt Power Stroker Masturbator Review

Colt Power Stroker Masturbator review

Colt Power Stroker Masturbator Review

Colt Power Stroker Masturbator Review – We have got the colt power stroker today and we’re going to give you a full review the goods and bads and tell you whether it’s as good as people say it is! We sent out a few of these male masturbator for reviewing and this is one of the reviews from Mark so we hope it help you with buying your sex toy. – Mr Fleshlight – Great Male Masturbators.

Colt Power Stroker Masturbator

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Product Description:

Fell the power of the colt power stroker today! This male masturbator is among the best and most effecting male sex toys money can buy. With is stretchy, squishy sleeve that features a tight anal opening and several vacuum chambers you’ll in masturbation heaven.
We pride ourselves on selling sex toys for men that make and change their sex life for the better so get this amazing easy to use, clean and play with toy today to make your sex life get to the potential it can and change things like porn watching, solo play and couples play forever today with the colt power stroker masturbator.

Colt Power Stroker Masturbator review

My Opinion:

Where to start with this great little toy. I was a bit weird about using this toy due to its grenade like shape and didn’t have low expectations but was a little worried hot it would work/feel. I have tried a few male masturbators and I know they all can feel so different and the littlest thing can ruin the toy! Well anyway I got it out the box and straight away put it to the test. I used this lube: Fleshlight Fleshlube Water Based Lube 100ml Which I already had from my other fleshlight.
I lubed it up and got started. Boy was I surprised as this toy goes it’s extremely underrated I used it for about 3 minutes before having a seriously strong orgasm and being left amazed. It’s really tight but doesn’t hurt and feels great. it has a good shape and was really easy to clean after I still am shocked how good it felt and since using it another 20/25 times over the last month it never fails to amaze me how great this male masturbator/stroker is. It also comes with a little bottle of white powder which just so you guy’s know is cornstarch and if use just put on the inside will keep it has good as new and well keep feeling great.
A big plus side about this sex toy is how real it feels. I can’t get over how much it’s like the real thing! It’s worrying really that this little toy can feel the same if not better than the real deal but a big plus. It’s a great buy and would and have recommended it! All men should have one of these or try one of these. For the price of 30 bucks you really cannot go wrong with the colt power stroker masturbator.

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The Good 

– Price.
Price is great and you really cannot go wrong with spending that money on such a great toy.

– Easy to hide.

Lets face it nobody looks at this and thinks it’s a sex toy had my wife trying to guess for a good 5 minutes.

– Easy to clean.

Takes a few minutes to get it all cleaned up and ready to re-use again. Also come with the cornstarch a great little add-on.

– Orgasm was so intense.

It keeps giving me these great intense orgasms that are unmatchable with other toys.

– Well designed to grip with hands.

It’s really easy and fun to play with and just fits in my hand so well.

– It gave me a lot of fun and still is.

It gives me something to look forward to most days and is a lot of ongoing fun!

The Bad:

 – Probably couldn’t travel with it 😉

Just a thought not sure I would go through customs with a grenade shaped sex toy. Wouldn’t probably end well, Haha.

Colt Power Stroker Masturbator


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The breakdown goes as this: If you’re wanting a good fix or want to try a good male sex toy this will suit you just right. It’s easy to clean and use and offers hours of fun. It was so much fun using it and gave my partner something fun to try to. I would say for beginners and experts this is a great fun toy and would stress to you that you should never let the shape and whole grenade thing put you off.
It’s an amazing toy that will give you something to look forward to at the end of every day. Also will give you the most real anal sex feeling I’ve ever had from a toy especially one shaped like a grenade 😉 Highly recommend trying this sex toy today! – Colt Power Stroker Masturbator.

That was the Colt Power Stroker Masturbator Review we hope it helped you on your journey to finding a great male masturbator or sex toy! If you need anymore help just comment below, we love to help. Also if you check the links this male masturbator has free shipping to USA And the best price online. Colt Power Stroker Masturbator review.

Colt Power Stroker Masturbator Review.

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