Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review

Cupid's Vibrating Anal Beads Review

Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review.

Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review. – Anal beads are very quickly becoming my favourite toy’s and when there like this it’s hard to resist. These anal beads are vibrating and we’ve heard loads of great stuff about them that will hopefully show you exactly what you need to know. Remember if you need any more advice then just leave a message in the comments. – Sharing is caring, help support us by hitting the share buttons below. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Cupid's Vibrating Anal Beads Review

Product Description:

 Take your anal toy collection to a whole new place with the Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads. These anal beads are vibrating and have been a huge success, they will stimulate the places that need it most. Work for both men and women and really will add something new to anal sex. – Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review.

With anal beads becoming better and better and more and more men buying them because the pleasure is intense, we recommend if you’re looking for a new type of sex toy then this is it, it will stimulate you with every bead, while the vibrations make you feel electric. These beads are 6.5 inches insertable and go up to 2.75 inches circumference, the ideal size for both beginners and intermediate people.

If you’re ready to have something new and want to try to achieve full body orgasm by anal stimulation, this is the way, you’ll never go back once you use these anal beads and unlock that vibrating power and stimulation. – Come and get yours now! Have A better more exciting anal sex toy collection that will get you cumming every time you use it. – Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review.

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My Opinion Of The Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads:

It’s hard to not make noise when you’ve got the Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads in. Anal beads are quickly becoming a must have sex toy, now they vibrate and can lead to big orgasms I needed to try. My other half wanted to try something like this too. We started using this kind of anal toy and were so happy with the results. – Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review.

While using it we’ve had some of the most orgasmic fun, it’s been like having another penis and having the key to anal sex and more sex. I’ve used them on my partner and that ended with her climaxing quicker and more intense than ever. I had a go and she got on top while they were in, boys if you want to have an intense orgasm let your OH ride you with these in… You’ll be so turned on by the feeling and you’ll be moaning just as much as they are.

They’re waterproof and I’ve not used them in the bath yet, I use them when I masturbate to make it more intense and my other half does the same, the vibrations are a little loud and the toys doesn’t need much lube before you can get going. The price is extraordinary and is just right to allow me to get myself and my partner one as I did and I would recommend you do the same. Isn’t hard to enjoy and you really will be happy with the stimulation this toy allows you to achieve. I’m still shocked at just how good sex toys are getting, even when they’re that cheap. – Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review.

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The Good:

 – Soft.

They feel soft on my skin and are very exciting and teasing when you get them out.

– Vibrations.

The vibration was high enough to make me climax and just right for my partner, great for enjoying anal sex to the max.

– Work for men and women.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a women, you will like these. They feel incredible and I must admit it’s the best feeling to use a toy like this. Take the leap and open up the door of anal sex.

– Waterproof.

They’re waterproof which is perfect for using them in a wet environment.

– Perfect size.

Great size and give me a nice deep feeling.

– Stimulation.

The fun you can have with anal beads is unreal, just get yourself some and see where it takes you.

The Bad:


They are a little loud, along with me being loud, it may be hard to use them in a flat share.


 The Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads are what every couple should have. IF you live in a house and can make some noise while using them it’s even better. Men and women can enjoy the pleasure that you can get with these and honestly you’d be surprised at just how good they are. The pleasure I get is great and the bullet is powerful enough to stimulate me just right, same for my other half. I have bought another one for my partner and we use them together and while we have sex, sex has never been so wet and slippy. Best investment any man can make for more regular sex and more anal sex.  – Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review.

Cupid's Vibrating Anal Beads Review

Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review

Where to buy: Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads.

Price: $16.99.

Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review. – This is one of my favourite anal toys, I do keep changing but as I’m trying more and more toys I just keep coming back to this one, as much as it changes it’s still better to have a toy like this to come back to when I need to make masturbation more fun, there’s nothing better than using a male sex toy and this together = sexual bliss. – Sharing is caring so please hit the share buttons. Want to hear from all of you so comment below and I will answer as soon as I can. – Mr Male Sex Toys Review.

Cupid’s Vibrating Anal Beads Review.

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