Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex? – A question that most men ask after watching anal sex the first few times and with an answer so complex that it just gets mushed around and eventually makes no sense. I’m here to make it make sense to you. So I’ve got a friend from miss vibrator who’s a female and I’ve basically been questioning her, plus all the women that I know who’ve tried anal sex. – Finally we will get a real answer about women an anal sex. – If you’re a man then this will help you get anal sex. – If you want to help us out and make this work worth it then please share. – Comments are welcome, so if you’ve got anything to add then please just put it in the comments. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?


 Do I enjoy anal sex? 

Yes, I didn’t always like anal sex, but when I started doing it properly and opening up more with my partner it became something that I enjoyed doing.

At the beginning it hurt and it wasn’t until I started using desensitizer that I let my partner try his penis inside me. It’s something that you’ll need to make sure you buy before you make your partner try anal sex.

I started enjoy anal sex after about the 10th time I had it, I started realising that it’s fun and new. I feel naughty when I do it and it feels amazing to see my partner so happy.

This is only the start of the story I’ve had loads of experience now and I can honestly say that it’s got orgasmic over the last few years.


Why women don’t enjoy it and why it takes time to try

Look, opening up your mind to having a penis inside your butt takes time. It took me over a year before I let my partner try anal sex and another 3 months of testing it before we started having it weekly. Most women just don’t like the idea of being that open with someone, it’s a lot of pressure and most women like to think that they’re princesses, so the thought of doing something that naughty and permanent is sometimes scary.

If you reassure her that she’s amazing and that it’s one of your biggest fantasies then I’m sure that she’ll open up to the idea.

Tips: Never try to have anal sex with your dick without using your fingers a few times, if you use your fingers a few times then she’ll see it isn’t that bad and hopefully start enjoying it.


How to make a women enjoy it

Get anal lube, butt plugs, create the right setting, don’t rush the anal sex.

Them 4 things are always important. The first thing you need to do is get this anal lube, it’s the best that I’ve ever used, it lasts ages, doesn’t stain, feels amazing and always gets the job done. I then recommend getting a butt plug, butt plugs are amazing, they feel great and you’ll really open up your partners mind to more anal sex.

Setting is everything, I recommend planning it, having a nice bath before, maybe a massage, more or orgasm at least once, focus on her vagina and just get her stimulated. Once she’s really wet then you can try something like anal play.


Can women have an orgasm 

Not directly through anal sex, but if you stimulate her vagina then she can. I’ve had a few orgasms while having anal sex, it takes time and it will take a lot of focus. I usually orgasm when I’ve had a lot of foreplay before the anal sex and then the anticipation to the anal sex just makes me go crazy.


How to make your partner try it more than once

Take your time, start using a finger, then butt plug and finally penis. This will allow you to build up in the right way. Always try your best to make it nice and never have it without some preparation. Women tend to want to get ready down there before you try anything like that. So take the time that’s needed and make sure you make the first 10 times as easy and as fun as possible.

After you’ve done it a few times she’ll start getting more relaxed and hopefully she’ll start enjoying it a lot more. You just want to avoid any problems and if there is any problems then never highlight them, it’s not a good idea, if you make her feel insecure then you’ll never get anal sex ever again.


Why toys feel better than fingers and your penis

A butt plug is always going to be more orgasmic than your penis, the quicker men understand this the better. If you use your fingers then you’ll have a risk of hurting her with a sharp nail, butt plugs are made for maximum pleasure, we can also put them in and take them out yourself, that’s a big reasons to do it and that’s another reason why I recommend trying it out.


How to go about trying it with your partner

Don’t rush her just tell her you want to try it and make sure she understands that you really will be pleasured while doing it, if she knows that then you’ll have a better chance of trying it out.

Get all the stuff that you need for great anal sex and never force her into it, if she doesn’t want to do it then you need to leave it alone. Let her try one of her fantasies is always a good plan.

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?  – So they do, it’s just they have to be ready for it and in the mood, every women is different, but women can enjoy it, you’ve just got to learn to do it right. – Sharing is caring, if you’re awesome then please share. – Comment if you’ve got any questions for me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex? 

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