Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug Review

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Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug Review

Large sex toys? They seem to be getting more and more famous as the years go on, when I first started big toys were only really used in porn and didn’t really have much sale value but, now it seems like big toys are all the rage and it’s now the bigger the better. As a way to show our love for big toys we’re reviewing this large PVC butt plugs it’s been said to be one of the best and I’m really looking forward to showing you guys exactly what it can do. I’ve had this toy for the past week as I usually do and it’s been very fun, I’ll explain it all after the product description. – Mr Male Sex Toys Review.Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug Review

Product Description for the Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug:

It’s all about large right now and with this large butt plug that’s what you get. Are you looking for a whole new level of anal play? A level that will make you orgasm every time and keep anal play new to you.

Well with this large PVC butt plug you won’t just get largeness! You’ll get the PVC softness which is just right, it’s not to hard and not to soft, making it easier to use and get along with.

The length is 5 inches and it’s insertable 4 inches, leaving 10 inches circumference.

Got enough circumference to make anyone happy. The bass of the plug-in is designed to stop any unwanted travel and keep the pleasure in the right place at all time.

I f you’re looking to try a big challenge then this is the best way, if you think your ready to have the ultimate anal experience then this is the only way to go. Get yours now and have better, more fulfilling sex life. – This is the Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug Review.

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My Opinion of the Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug:

Took me a while to work up to this large butt plug but, it was so worth it.

I got this as I wanted to show you guys about big butt plugs, this is one of the best and I can see why, it took me a day or two to work up to this toy and I can imagine it will take the same amount of time for you.

It’s not for beginners, I do have to mention that. This toy is massive and I would say you need to be a pretty big anal expert to take it.

I have a few smaller butt plugs, so what I did was warm up with them and use loads of lube and then I got to the one, it took me a day and I got it in on the second day (first day got cut short)

Wow, the feeling! When this butt plug pops it’s like having an orgasm all over my body, as it’s big both getting it in and out is both really fun.

When it comes to this toy size really does matter and as this butt plug ticks all the size box’s it’s definitely worth buying.

The textures also feels amazing and works great with lube, it’s not to soft and not to hard so it’s the perfect mix in the middle and is easily enough to satisfy you anal experts, you do have to brace yourself for pleasure though as this butt plug made me orgasm 2 times in the space up 5 minutes, amazing what prostate stimulation can do.

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The Good


Well the size is the main highlight of this toy and really does everything I needed it too.


The feeling of that texture is second to none, really enjoying this PVC butt plug, it really is one of a king.


I couldn’t help but orgasm multiply while using this butt plug, I don’t think anyone can.


The challenge is what makes it amazing and it was such a challenge that it makes me horny thinking about it.

Base is perfect

The base allow no travel and doesn’t hurt or chafe against thighs.

The Bad

It will take you some time to get it inside and I would recommend not trying this unless you’ve had toys that are a similar size or a bit smaller up there as it’s big and even took me a while to get it up there. Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug Review


Get it, if you’re still reading this now then you obviously like what you see and what to enjoy this big anal toy, I will recommend it to you and if you’re after a big toy then this really is what you want to go for, it’s amazing to see just how far a sex toy like this can take me and how much I enjoy it. Nice to still get challenges and still enjoy that intense stimulation and pleasure I get from this toy. Can’t fault it and as long as you’ve had a few anal toys you’ll be fine and should be able to handle this one.

Where to buy: Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug.

Price: $27.99 

Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug Review – This was a very fun toy to review and basically was all about lube, once I brought a nice lube and got going with it, it couldn’t have been better. It took me a while to get used to big toys back in the day but now it’s all I can think about. So the more big toys the better right? That’s my opinion. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to say. – Go on hit some of them sexy share buttons, you know you want too. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Doc Johnson Ace of Spades Large PVC Butt Plug Review

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