Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review

Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review

Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review.

A great step up from a beginners butt plug. This butt plug had to be reviewed as it’s a great bit of fun and I’ve personally had a good few uses of it. I sent it to one of our reviewers and this is the full review of their experience. There’s also a little product description so you can find out about the product and what it does. – If you want to see more review and posts then please share. – Remember if you need any help at all then please remember to comment and I’ll help you asap. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review

Product Description of the Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug:

 This medium-sized butt plug is the ideal way to add a new level to anal sex.

If you’re looking to move on to a bigger better to this will be the one, it’ s amazing features like tapered tip, smooth surface for extra easy insertion.

Antibacterial Sil-A-Gel for an extra clean experience.  Flat bass to stop unwanted travel.

The design is flexible and will fit your body perfectly, making it a much more orgasmic pleasure.

So if you’re sick of rubbish sex toys and want to try something fun and easy, that will provide you with loads of pleasure every time you use it. Then you really need a Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug and won’t regret getting it one bit.

The size is 5.5″ inches length, 4.6″ inches insertable and 5″ girth. Perfect for use while masturbating and having sex and as it’s very well designed it will stay in place to make it even more fun.

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Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review

My Opinion of the Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug:

This was my next adventure after trying a cheeky finger. I get this butt plug as a way to try anal sex and get better anal pleasure, I’ve had my partners fingers a few times and this seemed like a great way to level up my anal adventure.

The butt plug came and instantly I know I would enjoy it, it gave me just the right amount of stretch that felt blissful and as I was using it I felt uncontrollable pleasure on my prostate.

There’s another reason I got this butt plug, it was to use with my penis extender, I have a vixen colossus penis extender, it feels great and so realistic, I wanted to feel even more pleasure though and trust me, if you’ve got a penis extender put one of these in before you have sex, it will make the sex so much more intense.

The size was more easy to take than I thought it would be, as long as you’ve got a little lubricant you’ll be fine.

It’s a very good price and I’m glad I went straight from fingers to this, it just felt right.

It’s a massive turn on to use a toy like this while having sex and if you want something even better than use it while you masturbate, I used my fleshlight, lets just say the ending was incredibly pleasing.

As a butt plug goes I would give this one an 8 out of 10, it feels great and I will tell you the good and bad in a second.

This toy will fill you up if you’re new to anal play and hopefully you’ll be like me and find that feeling orgasmic. In honesty for the price you’ll be shocked how good it feels.

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Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review

The Good

– Stepping up.

This was the perfect way to go for me, it wasn’t hard to use and was a great step up from normal sex toys.

– Filling/Stretching.

It gave me that feeling of stretching just the right amount and made me feel full, best sensation ever!

– Price.

Price is an absolute bargain and a must have for every man/woman into anal play.

– Flexible.

This toy is really flexible and isn’t hard to get inside.

– Stays in place.

Once it’s in it stays in place, having sex is easy with it in and it’s not a worry about it popping out.

The Bad

 I can’t think of anything, it’s a butt plug and feels great what more can I say.


This classic butt plug is just what the doctor ordered. The feeling is incredible and it has a great way of building up an orgasm, using this with any penis extender or cock ring and you’ll add an even better time to your sex, it works great for both men and women and doesn’t take too much toy use, just a splash of lubricant and you’ll be ready to have the best anal play. I personally think this toy is great and if you’re looking for the next level in anal play this will be it, it’s bigger than most butt plugs, and stays in place will stimulating me in the best possible ways. I’ve used it for a month or so now and it’s still looking like new with no visible damage. The price is a bargain and you can’t go wrong with spending less than 20 dollars on this anal sex toy. 8 out of 10 from me.

Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review

Where to buy: Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug

Price: $16.99.

Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review. – Do you like these butt plugs? Butt plugs are underrated and if you use them well then you can have so much fun, just use them during sex or while masturbating, if you’re daring then have a little walk around with one in, they feel the prostate and build up climax, making me explode every time I use them. – Comment below and share with them buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug Review.

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