Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review

Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review

Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review.

I have just got in this great butt plug and can’t wait to tell you exactly what I think about it. I got this butt plug for the size, it’s large and I’m very happy to be able to review it, we usually do smaller anal toys but this one was a must so it really fit the part giving it a go. If you want to help us out then please hit them share buttons and remember to comment below, tell us if you want one! – Mr Male Sex Toy ReviewDoc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review

 Product Description of the Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug:

 This classic large butt plug is the ideal size to feel pleasure. Do you want to move up from intermediate to expert? Well this is the best way to do so. It’s 5 inches in insertable length, 6 inches long, 7.25 inches circumference, this all makes for a very powerful anal sex toy.

It’s build to glide in and be extra easy on you, it won’t take long before you’re wearing this butt plug all the time enjoying great anal sex and feeling the waves of orgasmic pleasure.

It’s made with Skin Safe Rubber and Antibacterial Sil-A-Gel to keep it clean and hygienic, the perfect way to get the most from your sex toy.

The flexibility makes it ideal for getting into each persons body perfectly. It will work with your body to make the best and most comfortable and pleasuring sensation.

It’s easier than ever to feel high quality anal pleasure and at that price you really can’t turn it down. – This is the Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review, hope you’re enjoying it.

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Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review

My Opinion of the Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug:

 It’s big… The picture doesn’t really tell you how big this butt plug really is.

When I got this and took it out the box I was wowed, it’s big and I thought it might take a little work to get it inside.

I have my lube at the ready and just got the toy as lubed up and a possibly could, I then warmed up with a few other toys and then inserted it.

It took about 20 minutes of warming up to be able to take this monster and a lot of lube, it’s not for the weak hearted or beginners.

The pleasure, Wow! When I felt it pop inside my whole body started shaking and then every movement from then on was orgasmic.

It literally changes the way I masturbate and I find myself leaving it in for 30 minutes just building up for an intense orgasm, once I’ve built up, literally I explode!!

The toy itself has a great texture and is very easy to move around and play with, I found it fun and it didn’t take long till I was using it in more ways, walking around my apartment was one of my favourites and just letting the orgasm build up.

If you’ve used a few butt plugs you’ll be able to imagine how good this feels when it’s inside. Remember to get loads of lube and be ready for a nice warm up before you use this toy, remember to use lube and also this butt plug can be hard to get out and may take a few squeezes.

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Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review

The Good


The size makes it great, just the way that I get that filling feeling and it’s just the right amount, not too much and too to.


I walk around with it in and every time I use it I wait for the blissful pop when it enters, makes my body shake.

Doesn’t move.

I find I can walk round with it in all day and it doesn’t hurt at all, it won’t move and doesn’t rub.


Smooth and very easy to insert once lube is applied. I love the way the tip is and it’s all down to that material, it’s very good at keeping lube and not drying it out.

Very comfortable.

I haven’t used a more comfortable butt plug, it goes in and just feels great with no bad.

The Bad

 Not for beginners.

In no way is this for a beginner, you’ve had to of had a few anal sex toys to go near this as it’s a real monster and even takes me time to build up too.


This toy isn’t for beginners but will really rock your world. If you’ve built up enough to a toy like this then you’re ready to enjoy it, it’s something most men can’t enjoy and some women won’t want to enjoy, you will thank me so much once this butt plug goes inside you, it will change how you feel and how you walk, everything. Get a nice lube, get a day off work or use a weekend and sit back, warm up, and use this toy, you won’t look back and end up a better person. The price is great and as long as you can take a big toy it will be perfect for you.

Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review

Where to buy: Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug.

Price: $16.99 

This is the Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review. – I do love a good review, we try to do all our reviews without small team of 5 people right now, so we can keep the quality high and keep you guys happy. We will still send them out to fans and people who want to try reviewing and can write. This butt plug was a lot of fun and is great for both boys and girls for anyone who’s wondering. – Make sure you press them share buttons and comment below if you want help or advice. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Doc Johnson Classic Smooth Large Butt Plug Review.

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