Does Bathmate Work – Bathmate Video & Review

Does Bathmate Work - Bathmate Video & Review

Does Bathmate Work – Bathmate Video & Review – Today in this article I’m going to show you something life changing. I changed my life recently when I made the choice to get a Bathmate Hydromax pump. I’m going to change your life too, you just have to give me a chance and about 5 minutes of your day. So, grab a nice hot coffee, get a pad and pen and let me show you how to get a bigger, stronger penis in a matter of weeks. MAKE SURE YOU READ TILL THE END.


My Story

We’ve had Bathmate pumps in before to review, but I’m never the person to review them, it usually gets given to one of my friends or a reviewer on this site. A while back when we done the reviews I was amazed by how much the people enjoyed the pumps and how the results went. It left me wondering “does bathmate work as good as people say?” So, I started using one. I’ve been using it for quite a long time and I’ve got my whole story over here. One last thing. Before I start this article I want you to know that before I used the Bathmate I had a below average penis size, it made my life hard and it made my confidence low. It’s one of the main reasons I never reviewed hydro pumps myself. More on that over at my story.

What Does The Bathmate Do?

I’ll try my best to break it down. The Bathmate does all of the below and more:

  • Adds length to your penis
  • Adds girth to your penis
  • Helps you maintain an erection
  • Helps avoid erectile dysfunction
  • Gives you a stronger erection
  • Has great penile health benefits

You can probably see why people have been asking the question “Does Bathmate work?”. It just seems to good to be true and that’s why it’s so hard to do this article and tell you guys that it lives up to it’s name. The Bathmate does everything that I’ve listed above and the best part is that it only takes around 5 to 8 weeks to start getting permanent results. You just can’t go wrong with it.

Does Bathmate Work & Give Results? 

You now know that the Bathmate can do, but how well can it do it? That’s a question that everyone wants to know. So if you head over to Bathmate FAQ you’ll see a question about how much size you can gain. The average size that’s normally gained is around 2 – 3 inches in length and up to a 30% increase in girth. Now for the first time there’s a product that actually works and guess what? It works the best for people with smaller penises. If you’ve got a smaller penis you’ll see even better results. So, far I can personally say it’s gave me better results than anything I’ve ever used. Believe me I’ve spent a while trying to find something that will enlarge my penis and I’ve tried just about every type of enlargement that’s possible. From, penis pumps, enlargers, stretchers, pills, exercise and I even thought about getting surgery. This is the first thing that’s worked continuously for me and hasn’t given me any problems.

Bathmate Video

This video will explain more than I could ever try to about Bathmate, it’s the story of how it got invented.

6 Week Bathmate Transformation

Something that’s been making it’s way round the penis pump community is this  video series by Bathmate singapore. It was a guy called Matt, he had a normal sized penis and they gave him the new Bathmate Extreme and 6 weeks to get a bigger better penis. Can he do it? Well, you can go and check out the videos and see for yourself. There’s 6 videos, one per week and it’s safe to say that the end results is fantastic, I’ll give you a little clue: almost 2 inches gained in length, 0.5 inches gained in girth, in just 6 weeks. Think about what you could do if you used the Hydromax Extreme for a few months! Start the 6 week challenge here. 

 The Bathmate Pump That He Used. 


Bathmate Video

I’m now going to teach you how I got the maximum gains using the Bathmate and I’m going to let you in on a few secrets, but first you should watch this Bathmate video that will teach you how the Bathmate works and adds size to your penis.

How I Got Max Results 

I took my penis from averaged sized (small), all the way to what people consider a big penis in the space of a year. I’m going to show you how I got most my gains in the first few months of using the Bathmate Hydromax x40 I highly recommend you follow this part of the guide, it will stop you from over training, getting bored, using wrong and hurting your penis. I’ve done my research and after speaking to different people and seeing how they use it, I found this great method. Does Bathmate Work

Measure Up Before You Start

You need to measure before you go anywhere near a Bathmate hydro pump. Your body can’t see the gains as they’re happening, the changes are to small and that’s why most people give up before they add inches in size to their penis. You need to learn how to measure your penis the correct way and then measure up. I kept a little book of what I started at and then every week I added my new size, that way I could keep track, a lot of weeks in the first few months I forgot, but once I started getting more results I made it a lot more regular to measure and it gave me the motivation to keep going. Go here to learn how to measure yourself properly. Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X40

Warm Up

You warm up before you train your body for weights, the same goes for your penis. You need to warm up every single time you use a hydropump. I warm up by getting a small towel, wetting it in hot water and putting it over my penis. I hold for around 20 seconds and then repeat another two times. This will relax the penis. I then to some jelqing for about 1 minutes (Warning, be gentle and don’t over do it). Now you’re ready to pump, doing this will just loosen up the penis and stop you from straining anything. I recommend using the bathmate in the bath for the first week you use it, you’ll be more relaxed and it’s easier to use while in the bath. Does Bathmate Work

7 Minutes Of Pumping Then Release

After using the hydro pump I realised that the best way to pump was to 7 minutes on and 1 minute off, 2-3 times and then stop. I do that 5 to 6 days per week and it takes 15 to 24 minutes depending on the sets that you do. If you feel any discomfort after pumping for a few weeks then you’re most likely over training and you’ll need to lower down the time you pump for.

Learn To Use It Correctly

You should take some time to learn to use the Bathmate correctly, a lot of people rush and end up getting no results. Watch this Bathmate video and you’ll see exactly how to train using your Bathmate hydro pump.

Pretty easy to use, you need to just follow that video and you’ll see exactly what you need to do. There’s a few more guides over YouTube and the internet that I recommend you check out. You can buy the Bathmate by clicking here or the link below. It’s at the best price online and they’ve got a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, so, if you don’t like it after 6 days you can just send it back. Bathmate Video Does Bathmate Work - Bathmate Video & Review

Does Bathmate Work – Bathmate Video & Review – You know know everything you need to know to buy a Bathmate. If you’re like me and suffered with average sized or small penis then you need to learn to act on it. You can get a bigger penis than most the men out there just by acting on this article. – You’ll not regret getting one of these amazing pumps. – Sharing is caring, if you found this useful then please remember to share. – Comment if you want to ask any questions about the Bathmate.

Does Bathmate Work – Bathmate Video & Review

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