Does Delay Spray Work.

Tauro Extra Strong Delay Spray for Men 5ml review


Does Delay Spray Work.

Does Delay Spray Work. – We all go through that point in time where we want to last longer in bed and be the “porn stars” We’ve been watching. A lot of people ask about delay spray and wonder if it works or if it’s to good to be true. The reason is how can a little bottle of spray clear all your problems and make you last not only 5 minutes in bed but over an hour if you use it right. So today we are going to tell you how to use it and explain if it works. – Mr Male Sex Toys

Does Delay Spray Work.

What it does:

Delay spray is basically a desensitization spray, it will make your penis a bit less sensitive for an hour or so and that will allow you to last longer in bed and have more control. You usually just spray on and it’s ready to go. It doesn’t affect feeling and you’ll still feel as much stimulation as before.

Does Delay Spray Work

How to use delay spray:

Well it’s very simple but you do need to be careful. They will usually have a time on when to use them, like some sprays are 5 minutes and some go up to 45 minutes before sex. So just check the bottle. I recommend if it’s under 10 minutes to spray it and wait 15 to 20 as you’ll have better results. There’s some delay sprays that are really challenging to get on china brush solution is one and is best to use on your own. – Does Delay Spray Work.


– Don’t go over the recommend sprays as yo might find it hard to maintain an erection.

– Use 20 minutes before for best results.

– Try it alone before you go and try it with a girl. Will give you time to see how much you need.

Does Delay Spray Work?

This is the big question. Yes, yes it does if you want something to make you last longer in bed Then Right away delay spray is the way forward. If you get a good spray and spend about $13 the in no time you’ll be lasting 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 minutes more! The sky is the limit. The reason why it’s amazing is because it takes a lot of pressure away and makes sex a lot more enjoyable and longer lasting. Takes the bad things ad makes them good. Make sure you get a good delay spray as there are some that won’t do the job, if you follow our site and look at it you’ll see some of the best in the world. – Does Delay Spray Work.

Best Delay spray you can buy:

Sliquid Ride Rock Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml

Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml Review

This is one of the most easiest delay sprays to use and will work in no time, it’s as simple as spraying and going.

Price: $12.99

Link to delay spray: Sliquid Ride Rock Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml

The best:

China Brush Delay Solution 3ml

China Brush Delay Solution 3ml

This is the best delay spray but it’s more hard to apply than the one above and isn’t as big so maybe if you’re a beginner it’s best to us. – Does Delay Spray Work.

Link to buy this product: China Brush Delay Solution 3ml

Price: $14.99.

Who is delay spray best for?

Well there’s a long list of reasons to get a delay spray. Here’s the people it could help.

– Men with premature ejaculation.

The normal man will at some point go through a stage where sex isn’t what it use to be ad he doesn’t last long in bed at all, this will stop that being the case.

– Men who are new to sex.

The sex world at the start can be very nerve raking and scary, so there’s no better way to ease them nervous than to get yourself some delay spray. Same you having to have a tactical wank ;).

– Men who want to be in control.

If you want to be in control of sex and be able to choose when you ejaculate and be able to last all night it’s the best thing for you.

– Long distance relationships.

If you don’t have sex for long amounts of time then you need to try this, it will make when you do have sex much better and make you last 10 x longer.

Really it can be used by anyone who needs a confidence boost or just wants to have better more fun sex. Does Delay Spray Work.

Does Delay Spray Work.

Does Delay Spray Work.

Does Delay Spray Work. – See so maybe getting yourself some delay sprays the best Idea you’ve ever had. It really does work and our shop only sells the best delay spray out there so if you want to get some go and check us out. – We also try to give as much advice about sex toys and sex tips as we can so if you need any help then just look at the mr fleshlight blog. – Mr Male Sex toys

Does Delay Spray Work.

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