Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter? 

Does Penis Size Really Matter? – Another big question that men have for us and we thought we would put it into an article. This will hopefully tell you everything you need to know and will put you mind to rest. This is our point of view and we’ve had a lot of people comment and answer about it so this is real advice and this is real people telling you. Remember to share as it’s caring and means a lot to use. – Comment below if you need any advice or want some help with anything. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

 So lets start what size is a small penis? 

Well the average penis size for a man is somewhere between 5″ to 6″ and changes often depending on the country you’re in, in America that’s the average and same in England, in places like north Korea the penis average size is smaller and ranges between 4 to 5″ so it really depends a lot on where you are. The real question is what is small. Well another below 5 inches is classed as small and if your girth is smaller than 3 to 4 inches it’s again small. So to clean that answer if you’re penis is below 5 inches it’s small. – Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Is there any way to make it bigger? 

Before we get on to the main questions we will tell you the ways that can make your penis bigger. If you have a smaller penis or want to have a large penis there’s a few ways one being penis pumps.

 The best you can get: 

Andropenis Penis Enlargement System.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

This is the number one penis extender and within 6 months of use you’ll most likely add an inch or two to your length and at least an inch to your girth, something as good as this one though will set you back about $239.99  I personally think that’s a small price to pay for how much confidence you’ll gain from this and how much it will help you out with women and life.

Where to get: Andropenis Penis Enlargement System.

Cheaper model:

Doc Johnson So Pumped Penis Pump.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

 This is a lot cheaper and is only $24.99 that means that you can give it ago before you pay big money into it, this is good for you guys who want a quick fix and just want to add some size nice and quick and just get started on having a bigger penis. It’s a perfect all round pump and will make you bigger in both length and girth. – Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Where to buy: Doc Johnson So Pumped Penis Pump.

Is there any other ways? 

Well despite taking penis enlargement pills and we can’t really comment on them as we don’t sell or take them, there’s one more way where you can get a bigger penis instantly and that’s a penis extender, you can pick one up and it will make your penis maybe 4 to 5 to 6 inches bigger depending on which one you get. We will show you one below that every man who used it the girl thought it was he’s real penis while inside. – Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

This is personally my favourite and it’s ultra-real and feels great on both the male and the female. If you’re really worried about your size or your partner this really is the best way to go, there is cheaper models but this will stay on and work amazingly. The price is $144.99. 

Where to buy: Vixen Colossus VixSkin Penis Extender 7 Inch.


So does penis size really matter? 

This is tricky to answer the short answer is yes and the long is no. Must women do have a fantasy about a bigger penis and most will want to try one before they have a serious relationship, not always but most the time. Now once they do they’ll realize the penis size doesn’t really matter and it’s more about the confidence that it holds, you often find men with bigger penises have more confidence and are more likely to try stuff in bed, on the flip side people with smaller penises will usually be more giving and not stop till they make something happen.

Now with what we just showed you above there are loads of ways to have a big penis and if they really like you then the penis extension will do just fine, it’s a little hard but you just need to be more confident and maybe just look at some tips on how to be great in bed. We’ve got a few on our site, because honestly sex is a big part of relationships but if you please her in all the over parts then penis size won’t really matter at all. So as long as you both like each other and she isn’t a bitch then really I don’t think the size of you penis will come into it, it’s more how you feel about it and if it has made it so you’re really not confident.  – Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter? – So really it does come down to you not just your size, now as you’ve seen there are ways to fix it and if you’re that worried then really do invest in a penis pump as it’s one of the quickest ways to make gains and will easily add a nice bit of size to your penis. Just remember to look after yourself and not let it get you down, if you want to talk to people who give advice comment below or contact us. – Be cool and share this so others can see. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Does Penis Size Really Matter? 

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