Easiest Way To Make A Girl Cum

Make her feel safe and loved

Easiest Way To Make A Girl Cum – So you want to make your partner cum? Well if you do and it takes just a little to long for you and you can´t get the hang of it this will help you. I wanted to put all the best ways to make a girl cum into one article, this will help you in so many ways. I´m going to teach you how to gain her trust, how to hit all the right spots how to act when a girl wants you and what will make her go wild. These are tips that girls will all agree with so you can even show your partner and see what she say´s. If you want to help us out then you can always share this post, it´s like saying thank you. – Comments are below, tell us what you think and what new articles you want from us. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Easiest Way To Make A Girl Cum

Make her feel safe and loved

Make her feel as hot as she is, you need her to know how much you fancy her, this will make you gain trust and that will allow her to touch parts of her body like never before.


Making her feel safe will just make her more open to orgasm.

So take control and let her take a break, don´t rush and just make her feel like nothing matters, done put any pressure on her cuming, that just takes the fun out of sex.


Let her know how hot she makes you

Tell her how hard she makes you feel when you see her the way she is, tell her how hard you get when she orgasms and let her know how much you enjoy it all.
Girls love a man who loves touching them, let them no it´s not a choir, it´s more fun and it will be that way forever, do get used to making her feel amazing.


Build her up throughout the day

Take time to build her up, don´t rush her and really put her where you want her for the whole day.
What I mean by this is touch her throughout the day and really make her wet, keep kissing her and trying to have sex, don´t make it so she has to and the trick is to never really have sex, not till the night, let her think about you for the whole day.


Open up your mind to sex toys

There´s no need to fear sex toys, they can make sex so much more exciting and they can open the mind of anyone, so really try to use more sex toys and you should start with a vibrating cock ring and a massager vibrator or a bullet.
Them two sex toys really do the job, you can pick more sex toys by just going through them links and taking a look, it will help you out.
Also women always love a man who´s open minded about trying new things like sex toys.


Focus on her inner thighs and build the suspense

When you finally let her have you make her wait, build her up for just a little longer, you don´t want her to get what she wants straight away, you want her to be begging for it and then finally let her have it.
This will make her more likely to enjoy it and to really want it.


Treat her like a women and fuck her like a man

All women want a man who treats them like a women, even though we might ask you to talk dirt and be rough we still like you to be a man and to not rush us, really dislike it when that happens.
So treat us like women, take control, be a gentleman, don´t be slow and be extra careful with our clothes, we don´t want them ripped off.


Don´t be afraid to give her oral sex and use your fingers

A real man needs to learn how to use his mouth and fingers, go and c heck out some oral sex tips and build your skills up that way you´ll be ready for anything she needs. Use your fingers gently and just do what she likes and follow her body more than her mouth.


Don´t give up and stop

Even if it´s taking a little longer than you want do´t give up, you need her to reach her orgasm and if you give up then she´ll never reach hers.
Women need to have three amazing orgasms before they start trusting you with their body so to allow that you need to be pretty amazing and put in the time at the beginning.


Don´t think about yourself, your partner needs to orgasm way before you come close

Put your pleasure to the back and for once let your partners pleasure be the only thing on the list of things to do, you need her to know this.
Explain that you just want her and you don´t even want sex, this will allow her to enjoy herself more. Think of all the times she´s gave you pleasure without anything in return and just use that for your motivation to pleasure her.


Don´t masturbate too much before

IF you´re really horny you´ll give better pleasure. I find men who´re more horny will be more ruthless and try more things, be naughtier and just be better in bed, remember this and make sure you don´t masturbate before sex.

Easiest Way To Make A Girl Cum

Easiest Way To Make A Girl Cum


Easiest Way To Make A Girl Cum – Making a girl orgasm is a really hot and passionate moment, you really want to take your time and not give up, she needs to come first and once you get that does you´ll be able to wow her in bed every single day, this is the best way to do it. – If you need any help then please share, sharing is caring ;). Comment if you want to help make the article better, ask questions and tell us what you think . Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Easiest Way To Make A Girl Cum

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