Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

E0bony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review.

Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review. – A very new and interesting design here. We decided to see just how good the ebony vibrating prostate massager really it’s worth buying. It’s something really different and has a lot of stimulation abillity. Hopefully this will help you on your journey to find the best male sex toy. – Remember to share and message us if you want to join our review team. – Mr Male Sex Toys Review.

Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

Product Description:

A whole new take on prostate pleasure is here! The Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager is anatomically designed to let you have the most orgasmic prostate stimulating of your life. Simply apply lube and slip in and your ready to go. – Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review.

This vibrating prostate is different because it’s easy to customise the feel and manipulate, If you like waterproof play it gets even better because this toy will turn any bath tub into a play ground and leave you shaking no matter your in the shower, bath, or anywhere else you see fit ;). The 10 rhythms of the powerful bullet will keep you cumming all night and the way they travel to your prostate is unexplainable pleasure that can’t be matched by any other toy.

Are you ready to enjoy deep, powerful and constant vibration to your prostate and treat it to a stimulative orgasm that will leave you shaking? Well if thats all true then get your hands on one of these, you’ll not regret it, not one bit. – Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review.

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Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review


My Opinion:

The Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager is very intense and a very great toy. It’s been a while since I’ve done a review for mr and I really wanted a prostate massager so it all lined up, I got this because it seemed so different to my last toys and that excited me.

Okay so it comes in a nice box and it explains what it is and how it works, it’s very easy to use and al you really need to do is lube up and inserte, it’s pretty easy and not bad for newbies or experts. The first time I used it I didn’t know what to expect, I just keeped an open mine and that’s what I recommend you do. – Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review.

First use.

It got inserted and I did it when I had an hour free to give it a proper go, I was being optimistic with an hour, try 15 minutes. Within 15 minutes I’d had an explosive orgasm and was left feeling shaky and sleepy. The toy is intense and stimulates the prostate amazingly, if you’ve got a male masturbator to you’ll be in sex heaven and all that stimulating builds up the climax and makes me orgasm so much harder. The 10 settings are great and I flicked through them all and I’m still finding my favourite, hopefully will get it soon as this toy has about 6 settings that I love and all of which leave me shaking.

Do I recommend it?

YES! I had to shout because if it’s a prostate massager you’re looking for and you’re like me, this one will make your sex so much more pleasurable and constant. It’s so hard to leave this toy alone and not keep it on all day. So yes I highly recommend and I tell you to try it because it’s so worth the pleasure and the enjoyment, beginner or not this is a superb toy that every man should have a try with. – Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review.

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 Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

The Good:

– Design.

It’s a new design and works well for me, I like to see something new and it shows it’s still updating and it’s a good push to finding the perfect prostate massager.

– Easy to insert.

This is really important with an anal sex toys and especially prostate massagers it’s easy for couple play and if you just put a little lube on it you’ll be ready for a hot time.

– Great for beginners.

It’s perfect for beginners and people who’ve never tried anal, I’ve tried prostate toys so it also works great for experienced users too.

– The packaging.

It’s very nice and good at explaining what it does and how to use it.

– Vibrations/patterns.

Another thing that the Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager has to offer is great vibrations, it’s vibrations get me everytime and it’s the quickest way to get me shaking with pleasure ;D haha.

The Bad:


It’s a little noisy for a sex toy, nothing that can’t be blocked out with a big cover or some background noise.


So the to round that all up, the Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager is a fantastic toy that’s well worth thr money. Prostate toys do keep getting better and it’s great when you see one that keeps beginners in mind and helps everybody enjoy intense prostate massager, this is a toy that I think once you try you’ll be hooked and won’t want to ever be without it, I just want people to get one now so they can see what they’re been missing out on. All in all 9 out of 10 for this toy and it’s one to remember for me. – Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review.

Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

Where to buy: Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager.

Price: $36.99.

That was the Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review. – Something a little different to what we’re used to and was great to see the reviewer liked it. I loved mine and it’s a great and very different stimulation. If you want a toy that will get you where you need to be this is it. Remember to check out our other reviews and see what we’ve got to offer as we’re constantly updating the shop and putting new reviews up. – Mr Male SEx Toys Reviews.

Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Review.

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