Everything you need to know about penis enlargement

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement surgery

It seems to be a big craze right now, with more and more men getting penis enlargement we wonder where it will stop. We went and did some research and learnt exactly what it means and we saw whether it really does do a lot for your penis size. I always wondered this and after doing the research it’s crazy to see how much people will pay for that extra size. We like to give you all the advice you need to be able to make a choice on whether you want to get your penis enlarged. This is a question that a lot of men have asked and hopefully we will be able to help you with. – Remember that the comments area below and if you’ve got anything to say or ask then just comment. – Sharing is caring so please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement


What is it:

You can get both the length and the circumference of your penis enlarged by getting penis enlargement surgery.

They’ll usually put you under and take different substances like fat from your butt and place it into your penis. This will make you have a bigger penis.


What does it do:

It makes you have a bigger penis, which is usually the reason why people are social awkward and not confident. So if you’re being held back by the size of your penis this can help make it grow and really sort out your comfort and insecurities.


How Much Does It Cost:

It can cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000 depending on what you get done and how much you want it enlarged. This is expensive due to the fact that the results can go within the first years.

There’s certain rules you’ve got to take, for example due to the fact your body burns fat, if you become to hungry or crash diet you may lose weight from your penis, the second problem is this will make your penis lumpy and probably take a lot of the attraction away.



There’s definitely a lot of dangers involved when you’re playing with anything like the penis, especially when you’re cutting it open and for that reason a lot of men don’t take the risks.

After researching a lot I found that a lot of people lose the results of the enlargement, some have trouble getting an erection, others don’t orgasm and more commonly the penis goes really lumpy and looks extremely uneven.

This isn’t worth the money or the health risks. You could go through all that risk just to lose erection or results, which just doesn’t seem right.



The best and most common alternative is a penis pump. They’re easy to use and just 10 to 30 minutes of use per day can massively increase the size of your penis. People have been known to add inches to the size of their penis using penis pump, this is something that’s not uncommon, with me personally knowing people including myself who’ve added inches in size.

There’s also exercises you can do as a man that’ll grow your penis, exercises that just lightly stretch the penis, they grow both girth and length, making the penis much bigger and adding size almost instantly.

You could also just grab a penis extension, this is a sex toy that just slips over the penis and allows you to have sex making your partner think your penis is a lot better than it really is.

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Everything you need to know about penis enlargement surgery  – See it doesn’t seem worth it, it seems that a penis pump will do a better job and cause less problems, it seems like a good idea but in honesty you might want to think about it for a while – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Everything you need to know about penis enlargement surgery 

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