First Time Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men

First Time Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men

First Time Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men – There are tons of anal sex advice for women, but very little anal sex advice for men. The two types of anal sex are so different that I felt like it was time to add something new to the internet and show you gay men what the prostate really is once you unlock it and to teach you beginners what you should do in order to prepare for anal sex. This is just something that I wish I could have read a few years back, it might not be for you, but if you’re looking for something like this then it will help you out and hopefully make your first time one of many great times. – Remember that if you need someone to talk to you can use the comments to message me. – Sharing is caring, so please be amazing and share this article if you enjoy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

First Time Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men


#1. Get Lube, Loads Of Anal Lube

Man, you can’t get enough lube. Anal sex is usually an orgasmic experience, but without lube you’ll se a hole different world too it ;).

I personally use this anal lube and if you’ve got a choice I’d recommend you give it a try as well. If you we’re like me then you’ll have probably experiment pretty heavily with anal pleasure before you actually have sex, if you haven’t then I recommend you start having a play, get used to the stimulation and what it feels like.


#2.  Try Some Desesatising Lube

If you’re righted then you may feel in pain, if this is the case then you’ll want to pick up some desensatising lube. This basically just numbs th anus, it takes away some of the pleasure, but’s definitely worth having.

When I first had anal sex It hurt a little and it would’ve been nice to just apply some of this, to take away the pain.


#3. Don’t Put The Penis Straight In

Warming up is needed, your butt will be sore for weeks if you just rush in. Try using fingers, then a toy and then finally the penis, some work through these quickly others take longer time, if you’re a first timer then you’ll benefit from lots of foreplay and fun before.


#4. Try Some Anal Sex Toys On Your Own

Get yourself a butt plug and a small anal dildo. It may make you cringe, but these sex toys are perfectly normal and with LoveHoney you can get them shipped to you anonymously, without any hassle.

I recommend:


#5. Get Relaxed, Have A Bath

If you’ve got the option to do this then have a bath before, most men won’t being able to do this, but if you get a chance it’s great, it’ll loosen you up, relax you and get some of that worry away.

I didn’t get the chance to do this, but if there’s ever been a while since I did it last, I’ll jump in the tub just to get myself a little relaxed.


#6. Never Put A Date On Your First Anal Sex experience With Another Person

I once put a date on having sex with my partner and it went terribly wrong, I was to nervous and it ended up failing, I learnt then that it’s not a good idea to put any kind of date on sex, it’s just a really bad idea.

You can put a date in your mind, but never share it with your partner, you’re in no rush to do anything.


#7. Don’t Rush, Do It When You’re Ready

As I mentioned above you really want to avoid rushing. If you’re not worried then it will just not happen, especially if you’re partners got a big penis.

Just take your time, enjoy the foreplay sides to sex, then when you’re ready then give it a try, there’s no harm in waiting, you really won’t feel bad after you wait.


#8. Start Small Then Go Big

You always want to start with small sex toys, then go to the bigger sex toys, then the penis. If you’ve been with your partner a while then you’ll know what you’re getting and you’ll be able to prepare for it in the best way you can.


#9. Anal Douche, Keep Clean

You may want to get yourself an anal douche, you only need a few squirts of the douche to be able to clean everything bad away. Making the sex more safe.

All you do is get an anal douche, about an hour before the sex go to the bathroom, either sit on the toilet, or do it in the shower/bath.

You should only need a few squirts and once it’s done you’ll feel much cleaner and more confident in the bedroom.


#10. Wear A Condom First Time (Makes It More Slippy)

Condoms actually create less friction, especially if you’re using a good amount of lube. It’s also nice to be protected especially if you’ve not been with your partner for long.

Make sure you get condom safe lube and as a recommendation always keep things safe. It’s not worth the worry and the upset that comes from having unsafe sex.

I say through experience that the worry of an STD is usually worse than the actual STD, so be safe and have as much fun as you can.

First Time Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men

First Time Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men

First Time Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men – Gay sex cn be so much more intense than solo sex. So make the most of it. Toys are always great and I do recommend starting small and building up, I also feel like you need to start testing pleasure on yourself, that way you can learn to make the most of it. – Sharing is caring, so if you enjoyed the advice then please share it. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add or say. Comments are always welcomed. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

First Time Anal Sex Advice For Gay Men

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