First Time Couples Sex Party Advice

First Time Couples Sex Party Advice

First Time Couples Sex Party Advice – Going to your first sex party can be exciting, nerve-racking, lustful and filled with emotions that you can’t quite explain. Using your stomach finding new ways to make you feel sick with nervous. STOP! There’s no need to worry any more! I’m going to teach you how to prepare for orgasmic sex parties, I’m going to tell you how your body should look and what you want to aim to feel and look like on the night. You’ll be amazed with how well this works and how incredibly easy this will all work for you. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got any questions for me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

First Time Couples Sex Party Advice


Have A Talk About What You’re Both Allowed To Try (Create Rules) 

First thing you’ll need to do is create rules of what you and your partner can do. For example, I’d create a quick check sheet of things you can do. Then just assume anything else is a no.

For example:


  • Give oral
  • Have threesome
  • Have sex while people watch

Not allowed

  • Anal
  • Unprotected sex
  • group sex with more than (number) of people.

It’s always a good idea to keep one thing intermate between you and your partner. Otherwise you’ll lose passion and could spark jealousy.


Maybe Start By Having Sex With Another Couple On Your Own

I got into sex parties by trying a little couple sex, we start with friends on a drunk night. We were staying at a friend’s house and all sleeping in the same room, we were all drunk and it start by use both having sex on different sofas, very quickly it changed and become a wife swap :O (without wife’s), it was completely dark and the girls just switched sofas, which took away the awkwardness and actually made things even hotter.

The next moment it was like nothing happened, but we all had a very good time and all smiled and laughed about it. This is the ideal way to start having sex with other people and even though it’s hard to plan, you can always be open and see the response you get from people.


Don’t Rush Something As Big As This

There’s no need to rush something that’s as crazy as this. Sex parties are fun, but if you jump in right at the deep end it can sometimes give you a bad experience that actually makes you not want to try it again.

You’re better off taking things slow, having more kinky sex, then eventually going and trying something as big as this.



Is It Right For Your Relationship

If you’re really close with your partner and get jealous about silly things then sex parties aren’t going to before you. If though you’re new or have complete trust and both have a sexual fantasy for sex parties then you may be able to try them and see how it goes.

It’s not about your relationship, it’s more about the people you are and the way your life is. If you’re really awkward and not close with each other then this will be a bad experience and it’ll actually hurt your relationship, as if you’re more close you’ll actually be brought closer.

You really have to want it though.


Always Wear Protection And Take Birth Control

You need to wear protection and if you’re a women always on the pill, this is something that can’t be risked. There’s a lot of fluids at a sex party and the last thing you want is to get pregnant or an STD.


Try A Sex Party In A Different Area To Where You Live

If you’re going to give it a try you’ll want to go to a new area, this will help you get comfortable and stop you worrying about bumping into someone.

The world is a really small place, so always understand that when going to a sex party in your area. It’s best to just go an hour or so away and do it like that.


Remember That There’s Other Ways To Have Orgasmic Sex

You don’t have to only have sex party sex, you can start by having car sex, or by going to a sex bar and having sex while people watch, even go to a nude beach and get comfortable with showing your body to others, see how you feel this is a great way to get everything ready and start things off properly.


You’ll Always Need Lube When Going To A Sex Party

You do need lube, even if you’re so turned on there’s always going to be a time when you need your favorite lube, so it’s always a good plan to bring your own just incase you don’t like the ones they’ve got.


You Should Always Clean And Wear, New Clean Underwear

You should go to the shops and buy some new, black underwear. That way you’ll be clean, not have stains, smells and holes. It also feels sexy wearing new underwear.


Remember To Groom And Usually Go Hairless (Both Men And Women.)

A lot of people just go hairless and a lot of men just do light grooming, nobodies ever to hair at the nice sex parties, this is something to remember. So if don’t mind, make sure you groom as it’s clean and will make you more wanted.

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First Time Couples Sex Party Advice – It’s all about being clean and opening up your mind to new experiences that not just you, but other people can enjoy. That’s the real trick and it sometimes take a few months to get your body in that motion. It’s quite intense having people offer you with sex directly and just going through with it. Give it a try to see how you feel about. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything else to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

First Time Couples Sex Party Advice

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