Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review

Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review

Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review.

Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review. – Want a bigger penis? Maybe you want to relive your fantasies. Well now you can at an instant with this amazing penis extender. Have better more intense sex and be hung like a porn star in a mater of seconds. Have all the worries go away with this toy and make you partner have more pleasure than she ever has. Be the man the girl or man talks about the day after. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review

Product Description:

Play all your sexual fantasies with the Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve. Do you want to add some size to your penis? well now you can. This penis extender is one of the best and will make any man have some serious size.
It’s 13-inchs in length and can be inserted up to 10-inches. Great for playing out them naughty fantasies you and your partner have. It has a very realistic feel and will be perfect for keeping you happy too. this is a fantastic couples sex toy. Come on open up the world of deep, dark fantasies.
Have the big cock you’ve always wanted. – Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review.

Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review

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My Opinion:

Porn star maker right here. With this toy I really did feel just like a porn star, hahaha. I brought this toy as a surprise for my partner! We’ve been trying a lot of toys and after being told countless times by different people size matters I decided to make the jump and get one. the reason I choose this one was down to the other reviews seemed to be in the same boat as me, wanted a toy to surprise their partners.
I played some games and then went to the bathroom to put this on and surprise her. I had tones of lube and added it all on so she’d get the full experience and let her in for it. It was dark so she had no Idea and after I started putting it in her whole body started jumping and clenching me. I was so happy, it worked. She couldn’t get enough. It took a few minutes for her to be able to take it all, but she did. I think if you had seen it first hand she won’t of let me try it but after she was horny
she didn’t think twice. This is a great toy for sex and a perfect for pleasing partners. WE now take it to the bedroom all the time and she keeps making me surprise her with it. There’s loads of fun prepositions you can have with this on and penetration orgasms because an instant and possible straight away. I couldn’t count how many orgasms have been had with this, a lot. It’s the perfect toy for someone who likes seeing there partner happy and content with sex. Also this would work great for men on men and I see no reason why you shouldn’t get it if you’re in a gay couple too. – Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review.

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Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve

The Good:

– Size.

It’s a good size and I think most girls who are into fantasias will make room to take this with no problem.

– Orgasm rate.

My partner before this didn’t really orgasm through penetration. Well now every time I use this she does.

– Price.

The price of a bigger penis is priceless so for me the price is amazing.

– Porn star feel.

When this comes on I feel like a porn star and all my best and greatest sex moves come out.

– Texture and feel.

My partner said it felt so good inside and really keeps her wet and turned on.

The Bad:

There’s nothing that would stop me re buying this. It’s very realistic and the only thing is it can be a bit floppy, but once you’re in that doesn’t matter.

Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve


If you want a hot night filled of orgasmic sex get it. You’ll have your partner moaning and growing in seconds. I’m a man who really digs toys like this and now so does my partner. It’s a safe and good way to live out fantasies and keeps everyone happy.
Id recommend trying this one and surprising he with it, as she might say o because at first glans its big just get her really wet and be very gentle and slow and once it’s in she’ll love every money of the penis extender. If you’re debating getting it, I would just make the leap and have a bigger penis, you’ll be more confident which will make you even better in bed all the time. – Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review.

Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review

Link To Product: Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve.

Price: $48.99. 

Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review. – See you need this penis extender in your life it really will change it forever and make your sex life more intense and a lot more rewarding. You’ll be the best she’s had and be even better than the best. Get what you want and have the most fun ever. – Share this because it really helps us out 🙂 – Mr Male Sex Toys.

 Five Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Review.

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