Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review

Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review

Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review.

Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review. – Gay or straight this make an amazing anal toy, this fleshjack is one of the best inventions that has happened to male sex toy sin a while. It’s easy to hide and feels so realistic. It’s the same as have anal sex and really does do the job and make sex a lot of fun. This is one toy that we at mr male sex toys recommend to a lot of friends and you can’t go wrong with buying one. – Remember to share as it really helps us. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.


 Product Description:

Want anal sex? Want it quick? Try the Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop. This can will allow you to decide when you want anal sex. whether you’re bored with watching porn and just sitting back doing nothing, or whether masturbating has lost its touch and you’re looking for a new way to liven it up.
Jack’s cherry pop is a refreshing treat when you’re ready for some fun. It will lead you to a breathe taking intense orgasm with its Superskin sleeve. The inside textures are so realistic you really won’t be able to tell through real anal sex or this flesjack.
Remember that each storke you do with this will burn one calorie and deliver you 52g of total bliss and excitement. Enjoy this fleshjack now. – Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review.

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My Opinion:

I’ve wanted a fleshjack for what seems like years now and finally got round to getting one. I was very exited as I waiting for mine to arrive.
It came in Deseret packaging and was very easy to set up and get going. So first I heated the sleeve with hot water and lubed it all up. Took a few minutes and was all part of the build up. It put it on and was a meant to find some porn…. Didn’t last long enough. It’s such an intense and better than life-like feeling that It’s hard for me to last more than 2 minutes with it, Hahaha.
So I tried again this time after already ejaculating. 2nd time lucky. I got to make it past that first bit and what waited for me was blissful. The inside texture feels so great mixed with the heat and the lube added with the tightness makes it the greatest sex toy I own (part from the nexus revo 2 prostate massager.) I am very happy and I must say I use it daily which is really bad of me but I can’t stop.
Really easy to clean and I just wash it out with warm water dry it with a towel and put it away. It’s also really good value and doesn’t cost as much as I thought a toy like this would. Exited to try this and my nexus :O.
This really is for gay, bi and straight men I don’t think it matters because the pleasure is so high and feels so good and right. – Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review.

Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review

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The Good:

– My orgasm.
This is a little too much info! It was very enjoyable and one of the best I’ve had with a toy.

– Super easy to clean
It takes no time at all in all you have to do is clean with hot water and use a towel to dry it off.

– Start to finish.
It’s the most intense all round sex toy that’s hot from the get go and just gets more and more intense.

– Realistic.
Some might say even better as you can pick a speed and use it yourself.

– Pressure.
It has a valve for pressure so you can pick the suction that suits you best.

The Bad:

– sound.
It makes a little squishing sound sometimes when you’ve got a lot of lube on it. I think this happens with every toy and really can’t be blamed.


Fleshjacks!! Every man needs one. I’m not sure if a fleshlight feels the same but to be on the safe side just get one of these they work for any man and trust me feel fabulous. I use mine almost every day and it’s still as strong and delivers a very powerful orgasm. I’ve told some friends and two went and brought one and totally agree with me.
It’s sex on demand so you can just have it whenever you like and not worry about having to do anything special it’s just all about me with this toy. You won’t regret buying it, so treat yourself. – Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review.

Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review

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Price: $63.99.

Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review. – Our out sourced reviews were all very happy and agreed that this is a fine male sex toy and really worth the money. If you want to have a change in masturbation and want anal sex this really is a must have toy. It gives yo what most partners won’t and will take masturbation to a new world of pleasure. – If you need any advice then comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Reviews.

Fleshjack Sex in a Can Cherry Pop Review.

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