Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth Review


Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth Review.

Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth Review – Made with a superskin material this fleshlight is up there with the best so we had to review it. So today we have a full review on the Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth. We cover everything you’ll need to know from the good to the bad and an opinion. This toy was sent to the best fleshlight reviewer Jack and he’ll be telling you what he thinks and telling you if you should buy it. – Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth mrfleshlight.com 

Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth review

Product Description:

The Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth is in a league of its own with the SuperSkin material and it’s stimulating nodules and ridges it’s impossible to ignore the power and sensation of this great fleshlight.
Whether you want to spice up solo sex or try something great with your partner this is perfect for you and always will be.

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Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth review

My Opinion:

I have been waiting for this toy for a while now this and the lady lager are my two most wanted sex toys so when this came through I was over the moon. First reaction was heart beating and hands shaking ready I just wanted to try it.
Warmed the sleeve before I used it to add to the experience I used this lube Fleshlight Fleshlube Water Based Lube 100ml It’s one my fleshlight gave me also it came with some water-based lube which is nice. So I tried it out what came next I went from standing up to having to sit down because of the pleasure it was great fun and still makes me exited.
It was like having your first wank all over again that excitement and that feeling. The strong finnish once using this item is one of the main reasons to buy it also the feeling you get when you first go inside the sleeve. Some people say it’s the best fleshlight I have tried a few and not sure it’s the best but it’s up there for the price and the fun you can have it’s worth every cent.
Up till now cleaning is annoying and that’s about it! It isn’t really cleaning more drying but once you get over that rock it’s so much fun to use and will leave you over the moon with joy. Also a good reason to get this is to orgasm inside it just feels so much better than sex.

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The Good: 

– Like having first wank all over again.

When I first used this it took me back to the first time I had a wank, the feeling and that just wow sensation that money can’t buy and every time you cum with this you have that again.
Also that first time you enter just wow.

– You can do what you want to it and test out some moves.

If you wanted to try something a speed or a rhythm you can with this and it’s much easier than a in real life.

– Warmed up feels even better than the real thing.

If you run the sleeve under a warm tap before it’ll make it just like a girls vagina.

– Best build quality.

Great quality that is by no means cheap and really well-built.

– Soft.

Inside is nice and soft and with a good lube will really get you good.

– Great texture Inside.

If you look at the pictures you can see that texture! You need this just so you can see how good it feels over your penis.

The Bad:

– The size

It’s a little big, not massive but can be a little hard to hide. I just put it in a box under my bed or in my draw so no worries.

– Cleaning.

It’s a little annoying to have to let it dry but it out ways the feeling you get with this amazing sex toy.

Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth review


Only: $89.99


Really genuinely happy with the Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth so far it does what it say’s and more and will make most men very happy. It spiced up my solo sex and I love using it while watching porn and fantasizing about doing the woman makes it even more intense.
It’s great value and on mr fleshlight it’s free shipping so really worth getting it now. It will last a long time and if you use the renewing powder it will work even better and feel even more real. It just takes masturbating to the next level and keeps it there. Some of the greatest and most intense wanks have been with this toy.

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That was the Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth Review – Just our and our users opinions on what this fleshlight is really like so we hope it helped you out and maybe made it easier to pick the right fleshlight and get a sex toy that will change your sex life. Mr fleshlight 100% approves this toy and would recommend the Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth to anybody – Mr Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Pure SuperSkin Stealth Review.

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