Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout Review

Fleshlight Sex in a Can O'Doyle's Stout Review

Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout Review.

Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout Review – We all want the best sexual experience and to find the next best toy! Well this one might surprise you. Don’t be fooled but its drink resemblance this fleshlight’s is one of the best there is. Full review. – Mr Fleshlight Reviews.

Fleshlight Sex in a Can O'Doyle's Stout Review  Product Description:

Girlfriend won’t let you try anal sex? Well the Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout will! Have the best anal sex whenever you like with this cleverly designed bear can anal sex in a can fleshlight.
Feel the life-like sensation of the sex in a can and feel what real anal sex is like when every you want it. It’s easy to clean and easy to use and will take porn and masturbating to a whole new world and level.
Be ready for the best sex you can get with the Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout. Pick it up at this one-off price of only 63.99$!

Fleshlight Sex in a Can O'Doyle's Stout Review

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My Opinion:

First thoughts. I have seen this sex toy about for a while and never really made a commitment to buy it. I read the reviews and I have to say I thought there’s no way it could be that good they must have been written buy the company or buy some who was paid so when I got asked to review it
I keeped excitement low and just wanted to see what it honestly had to offer.
I am still looking for the right girls so I cleared up the weekend and after one day of ordering it, it was here! So I got it out it comes with a set of Sample Lube Pillow Pack just a little mix I would recommend getting some water based lube with it as you’ll be using it daily or any chance you get. Anyway I washed it set up my pc and lubed me and the can up.
I’m an ass man so it got a little exiting for me. I adjusted the bottom of the can which is the suction wheel to pick the perfect pleasure and started. I lasted minutes. I tried my best to stop and start but the feeling of this damn thing is so good. It lived up to my hype and I don’t like all positive reviews but I was very impressed with the Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout its great price and easy to hide look deserves it.
I have to say there’s no better feeling than knowing I have a night alone with this toy. It’s very easy to clean and I’m not sure If it’s recommended but saw someone who did a review saying they used a hair dryer on cool well I just did that and it took no time to dry. It’s very easy to hide and I never worry about it being found. I just love how it feels and the suction cap becomes more important ass you use it. I play with it in porn say I see an older lets say Milf I put the suction down a little and then say I see a younger women it goes up so it feels like them
Really hot to try.

Fleshlight Sex in a Can O'Doyle's Stout Review

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The Good:

– Tightness.

It’s very adjustable which is a love of fun for me and creates a great sexual experience.

– Orgasm fun.

Has me orgasming very quickly starting to be able to last a little longer more enjoyment. 😉

– Porn watching.

As I mention up there I like watching porn and this opened up a lot of fun new doors.

– Easy to clean (when you do it my way.)

Very easy to clean when you use a hair dryer on cool.

– Comes with some fun lubes.

Not really a big deal but was a surprise.

– Really easy to hide.

It is just like a can of drink and you could get away with it on your top shelf in your wardrobe easily.

The Bad:

It’s always hard to mention a bad because it does what it needs to! I would say with all fleshlights there’s the obvious like cleaning, drying, tightness, look and feel but this is all very good and also it’s like 30 bucks cheaper than other sex in a can products.
I would say you need to remember these two things otherwise the toy wouldn’t work to well but that’s all but I can say the toy has gone over my expectations and does live up to the hype,

Things to remember:

– Renewing powder.

It’s like 5$ and will stop it getting sticky and keep it brand new.

– Lubrication.

Mr Fleshlight has some great lubes just check his site.

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Only: $63.99


I was very surprised with how much fun a fleshlight could be and how much fun this one in particular was. It made masturbating a new thing again, I’m like a 13-year-old ;D Or a man with two penises the way I get exited for using this. It’s something I would say don’t judge until you try to go into it with an open mind. I think it helps just ignoring the hype and making your own mind up about it just because it stops you being disappointed.
All in all an amazing toy and would advise you to get yourself one.

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 Fleshlight Sex in a Can O'Doyle's Stout Review

That was the Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout Review. – Get this fleshlight in our shop now with free shipping and the best price online! We love this fleshlight and it’s in our top 5 so go and treat yourself for a better sex life today. – Mr Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout Review.

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