Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator Review

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator review


Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator Review.

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator – The Number One Selling Fleshlight/male masturbator. – We have a review of this great fleshlight that hopefully will help you pick a good male sex toy or help you choose the Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator. We will look at everything about this sex toy and explain to you if its worth buying and why it’s such a good sex toy.

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator review

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator review

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The number 1 selling sex toy for men has just gone to the next level of pleasure, the Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator is up there with the best male sex toys of all time. If you want a fleshlight that will vibrate and get to places no girl or toy has gone before or a fleshlight that’s number 1 job is to keep you cumming again and again? Well this is the fleshlight for you.

My Opinion:

Okay so my thoughts on the flight by fleshlight male masturbator is a good one I had to used this for a few days to be able to write the review but already after the first time using this I knew what I was going to say.
The first time you use this I’m not sure how to even start explaining the feeling it’s like someone is doing everything that feels good to your penis at once, it has a wonderful tightness and texture, it’s size is perfect and it’s really easy to hide. Also it’s so well-built but getting past all that the big deal is THE FEELING!!! :O
Wow, wow and wow, it’s not a fleshlight you’d ever turn down. I’ve tried a few fleshlights and male masturbators and it’s no wonder why this is the best seller it’s finally a toy to contend with the girls I can honestly say this is better than sex. The deep feeling of this left me feeling happy every time and I just keep wanting more.
It’s not just the great vibrations it’s the texture inside and it starts right away so as soon as your penis goes in bam there it is sexual bliss.

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator review

You can pick up the Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator here.

The Good:

– Best solo sex you can have up to now.

This gave me more fun I could even try to explain. You just have to give it ago to get what I mean.

– Size

It’s a really nice size and weight and fits just right in my hand.

– Suction

The suction is a really big highlight for me. It’s got just a bit more suction that a real vagina so it’s so much more intense.

– Fantastic texture

The inside of this fleshlight feels like heaven will if heaven was a sex toy. It’s got lovely little bumps if you mix that with a nice lube you have a winning combo.

– great look and easy to hide.

It’s such a good build and is super easy to hide. When it’s screwed up you wouldn’t have any idea what it is.

– Vibrations of the Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator.

It has to be mentioned the big game changer with this toy is its ability to vibrate. Never know what that would feel like till now and wow it’s so worth it.

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator

The Bad:

There is really no cons to this fleshlight for the feeling you get I could put up with most cons. 😉

– Some people say it’s loud (I didn’t have that problem)

I have heard some people saying it can be loud but i didn’t even notice so not sure if it was just the model.

– Cleaning the Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator can be little hard.

 My main thing with most of these fleshlights and male masturbator is that they can be hard to clean this ones a little bit of a pain but nothing to hard and doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Me And mr fleshlight do share a hate for washing fleshlights ;D  

Remember to use loads of lube for added fun: Try this lube here it works great.

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator review


Only: $74.99


This toy is perfect for starts and people who have a whole collection of fleshlights. It’s a deal breaker and after you have this fleshlight you probably won’t need another so really worth the money.
The price is amazing you won’t be able to find a toy like this anywhere else for that price well a fleshlight that’s at this level. The world would be a better place if every man had one of these. ;D

Cheapest place to buy is here! Free Shipping. 

Link to buy.

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator

That was the Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator review we hope you enjoyed it and we hope it helps you on your journey to getting an amazing male sex toy. We review more and more sex toys every day so check out some of our other reviews and sex toys – Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator review. 

Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator Review.

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