Gay Guide To Beginner Anal Sex

Gay Guide To Beginner Anal Sex

Gay Guide To Beginner Anal Sex – There’s hundreds of guides on having anal sex for women, but it seems like the internet is seriously lacking gay sex advice for beginner anal sex. As a gay man I can completely understand the nervous that most men feel right before they let there partner have sex with them. The good news is that it’s not usually as bad as you may thing, the bad news is that it’s sometimes hard to please certain people. So, in order to help you make the best decisions I’m going to give you advice and you can then use different parts of the advice depending on the partner that you have. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Gay Guide To Beginner Anal Sex

#1. Prepare Yourself

Don’t just jump right in at the deep end, there’s things you can do in order to prepare yourself to have orgasmic anal sex first time.

You can start using anal sex toys that’ll get you used to the experience and you can start using bigger toys that’ll make it easier for you to take a bigger penis.

It sounds silly, but the first time I had anal sex I’d only ever played with fingers and it hurt a massive amount. So if you have the chance get a start butt plug kit or little anal dildo, just to help get used to the sexual sensation that you’ll get.

Don’t worry, once you’re used to the pleasure you’ll enjoy it more than any other pleasure out there.


#2. Make Sure You Wash Properly And Groom Your Hair 

Before you have anal sex go and have a quick shower have a proper wash and groom your hair to your partners prefrance. Sometimes people like no hair, sometimes they like lots. Just go with your partners prefrance and you’ll be grand.

You can also get an anal douche, this allows you to clean yourself up before you have sex. It’s easy to do and is something that I always do before I have anal sex, it just stops their being any mess.


#3. Anal Lube Is Something That I Always Use

No matter what you’ll need anal lube. Spit just isn’t going to cut it and shampoo, conditioner or any type of slippy products just isn’t going to work well.

You’re best off getting some of this amazing lube, it’s totally worth every penny and is completely worth getting for first time anal sex.
#4. If You’re Worried About Pain Get This Special Lube

You may not be aware of this but you can buy special lube that will take away any of the pain from that area. This is perfect for the people with a well endowned partner.

This is the desensatizing lube and you just apply it to your anus a minutes before sex and you’ll be able to have sex without any stinging/bad pain, it’s the ideal way to do things and is what I recommend you try out.
#5. Warming Up Yourself Can Make It Easier

The week up to when you have sex make sure you warm yourself up every day. Play with yourself, use your fingers, toys anything you’ve got and just get yourself ready for whats going to happen.

You should also try giving yourself a little warm up the day you think you’re going to have anal, sex it’ll just get you ready for what might happen.


#6. Take Things Slow, Do It With Someone You Like

I found the best sex I’ve had has been with people I actually know and like. Instead of doing it with a randomer, try and make it special with a real partner. It’s a nicer experience and there’s a lot less pressure. It’s just my opinion, but I completely understand that everyone is different.


#7. You Could Always Invest In A Sex Toy

As I’ve brought up more than a few times you should incest in a few sex toys. Sex toys are a great way to get first time sex feeling amazing. I recommend these sex toys.

Get any of these sex toys and you’re sure to be grand.


#8. Make Sure You’re Ready

This last tip is simple but will make all the difference. Just make sure you’re ready, to enjoy things and open up your mind. It’s more fun than you can actually imagine.

Just do what you can to have a great time and remember this is just advice, do what evr makes you the happiest.


Gay Guide To Beginner Anal Sex – It’s not always as bad as you might think, as long as you’ve got the right lube and are not riffraff to try new things you’ll be grand. The comments are always open, so if you need someone to talk to or get advice from, please feel free to use them any time. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below for advice, more tips and to add your own personal advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Gay Guide To Beginner Anal Sex

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