Girls Guide To Getting More Sex

Girls Guide To Getting More Sex

Girls Guide To Getting More Sex – There’s a few articles out there teaching men how to get more sex off women, but after looking we found hardly any good articles telling girls how to get more sex off their partners, so to stop this being the case I’m going to create a guide that’s from a guys point of you, telling you what you need to do to get more sex from your partner. These tips will be perfect for getting your sex life back on track, just try them and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. – If you want to help us out then please hit the share buttons, it helps us get views and remain happy. – If you want to send your love or ask a question then use the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

 Girls Guide To Getting More Sex

Do your make up nice and wear something reviling

If you put some effort into your make up for him and wear something a little reviling, you can go to love honey and buy some naughty underwear, something that will shock him and make him go wow, you doing that for him will be such an impact that he won’t be able to say no to you.

I know as a man it’s really hard to say no at the best of times, especially if the girls looking amazing and is in naughty underwear, just make sure that he’s got energy, sleep is one of the biggest things that will put a man off having sex, I think women will agree too.


Let him try something new

If there’s anything that he’s ever wanted to try then just let him try it, maybe there’s a position or something like a 69, even something extra naughty like a butt plug. Just experiment and be more open about your sexuality. If you experiment then you’ll be able to enjoy each other a lot more.


Have a nice shower and get all clean

Being clean will make you feel better about yourself and will make him even more excited for you. Clean sex is the best sex, you could also shave and maybe try something different with your hair (downstairs) ;). Things like that make a difference.


Don’t wear any underwear and take him to the bedroom

If you really want him to not be able to say no then just take him to the bedroom while you have no underwear on, get on all fours and say you want him right now, if you do this then he will most likely be shocked, maybe kiss him a little and let him get erect, as soon as his hard start having sex, this will be a serious turn on and lead to more sex in the future.


Get wet and then let him put his hand down there

Make yourself wet and then just let him put his hands down their and just say “shall we go to the bedroom?” something like that, make it so easy for him too, once he see’s you doing something like that, if he’s a good man then he will most likely help you finish off.


Try a new sex position

Trying a new sex position is amazing, just go and get a copy of the karma sutra, this will help you experiment with new sex positions, something that can be a serious amount of fun. Just give it a chance and see how it goes for the both of you. You can also get sex games that are just as fun, you can’t play them all the time, but playing them every now and then is a great way to make sex more enjoyable.


Tell him how you feel

If he still isn’t playing ball then it’s time to tell him how you feel, there must be something wrong and if there is then you’ll need to fix it, so if he still isn’t into anything then you just have to explain how horny you are and that you need him to give you some amount of pleasure.


Change his diet so he eats more sex drive raising foods

Okay start feeding him foods like fruit and honey, things that are healthy, vegetables, chicken, fish, anything, just feed him full of healthy things, this will make his sex drive raise, there’s lists of foods that really make a man go wow so make sure you go and check them out and get them ready for him.

Girls Guide To Getting More Sex

Girls Guide To Getting More Sex

Girls Guide To Getting More Sex – This guide was a must and hopefully it’s taught you everything you need to know to get better sex out of your relationship, this kind of advice should really help you and that’s why I wanted to write it down for you. Hopefully you’ve got some value and can enjoy it. – If you found this useful then please make sure you share it, sharing is caring. – Comment if you’ve got any questions at all. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

Girls Guide To Getting More Sex

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